Rhythm Room 09/17/21

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Published on: October 16th, 2021

1 04 Amazing Grease V3 (Mastered) July 16 2021-p2p grease traps 02:53 
2 Good Old Gospel Music Meditation Singers 04:41 Holy Spirit, Spiritual Soul & Gospel Funk from Shreveport's Jewel Records CD2
3 Higher Ground Naomi Shelton The Gospel Queens 04:19 The Daptone Super Soul Revue Live at the Apollo
4 Open The Door To Your Heart Darrell Banks 02:39 Soul Cargo Vol 2
5 I Can't Do Without You Doris Duke 02:11 I'm A Loser
6 Ain't Nobody Home Howard Tate 02:26 Get It While You Can: The Legendary Sessions
7 Snatching It Back Clarence Carter 02:53 Snatching It Back
8 Ain't My Stuff Good Enough Clydie King 02:42 Direct Me
9 Shake Down Freddie Waters 02:28 Singing A New Song 1968-1973
10 I've Got Soul (feat. David Marez) Adrian Quesada 03:30 Look At My Soul The Latin Shade Of Texas Soul
12 Smiling Faces Sometimes David Ruffin 05:17 Me n' Rock n' Roll Are Here To Stay
13 Back to your Roots Afro Fiesta 05:03 Fire Down Babylon
14 Congo to the Mississippi Afro Fiesta 04:37 Fire Down Babylon
15 Heathen Adia Victoria 03:26 Silences
16 04 War Cry 79'rs 04:17 
17 Un Mismo Cielo Sofia Rei 03:34 Umbral
18 Run For Your Life Monophonics 04:24 It's Only Us
19 Cabilao Edit Kumasi 05:01 
20 Neckbone Anthony Joseph 04:14 Caribbean Roots
21 After the Pain Da Truth Brass Band 04:41 
22 Out Of Sight Fred Wesley 02:25 Let It Flow
23 Let's Take It To The Stage Funkadelic 03:38 Let's Take It To The Stage
24 Raise Up Larry Graham And Graham Central Station Feat. Prince 05:38 Raise Up
25 Take It Back (feat Doc Brown) Haggis Horns 03:34 Promo
26 Hot Pants Jimi Brown Experience 05:37 Jimi Brown Experience
27 Willie John's Funk John Ellison 05:14 U From Funk
28 Night Life (Live) Aretha Franklin 03:45 Queen Of Soul - The Atlantic Recordings(Disc 2)

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