The Rundown on the 8 New Foods at Jazz Fest 2019

Published on: April 30th, 2019

There are 8 new foods, from 5 different vendors, at Jazz Fest 2019. In no particular order...

(1)Redfish Baquet, from Baquet's Li'l Dizzy Café in Heritage Square (between the Jazz and Blues tents). Excellent, and the portions are large: the photo below shows less than half of a serving.

Redfish Baquet


(2)Yucca Fries with Chimichurri, from Congreso Cubano in Food Area I.
If you've never had yucca, it's like a potato with more texture and flavor, and it goes great with the bright chimichurri sauce. Perfect for sharing.

yucca fries


(3)Colombo de Poulet -- Martinican (from Martinique) Chicken Curry, by the restaurant Carmo at its stand near the Cultural Exchange Pavilion. 

curry chicken

Carmo is also offering two other new items for this fest: (4)Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) and (5)Bunny Chow (South African Veggie Curry).


(6)Oyster Rockefeller Bisque, from TJ Gourmet Food Area II.
Delicious bisque based on the iconic dish invented in 1889 at the New Orleans restaurant Antoine's.

oyster rockefeller bisque


(7)Mini Shrimp & Andouille Pies from Mrs. Wheat's Foods in Food Area II. 
In cups containing four mini pies, great for carrying back to your seats and sharing with friends.

There's also a second version: (8)Mini Broccoli & Cheese Pies.

 Happy eating!



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