Eternally: The Story of the Swallows

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Published on: March 31st, 2019

906 The Swallows

The Swallows

Tune in Tuesday, April 2, 7-10p, as host Neil Pellegrin does a special presentation on the Swallows, one of Baltimore's premier R&B vocal groups. We'll hear their story as told by lead singer, Eddie Rich, who Neil had the pleasure of interviewing in May of last year.  At 88, Eddie is still performing with his "new" Swallows group and sounding just as amazing as he did in 1951 when the Swallows made their recording debut for King Records. Eddie will take us through the history of the group from their formative years singing on Baltimore street corners in the late '40s, to their hitmaking years between 1951 and 1953, when songs like "Dearest," "Eternally," "Beside You" and "Will You Be Mine" were riding high, to their eventual breakup in the late '50s.  You'll hear him reminisce about conflict with Billy Ward and the Dominoes, and the Swallows' early rehearsals across the street from Sonny Til (lead of the Orioles) as if the incidents happened just last week!  Eddie is one of the last surviving links to late '40s/early '50s black vocal group harmony, and it's compelling to know that not only is he still around, but he's still singing as beautifully and soulfully as ever!

The Swallows segment will kick off around 7:30p and run for about an hour and 15  minutes.

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