New Music Video: Dumpstaphunk, "Dancin' to the Truth"

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Published on: December 6th, 2013


Dumpstaphunk. L to R: Ian Neville, Nikki Glaspie, Nick Daniels III, Ivan Neville, Tony Hall Photo by Jon Philips, Silverback Music

From the press release accompanying Dumpstaphunk's new music video:

"In support of their new full-length album, Dirty Word (July 2013, Louisiana Red Hot Records), Dumpstaphunk brings their heavy-hitting party funk to life for the first time on film, announcing the music video debut of 'Dancin' To The Truth.'... [T]he 'Dancin' To The Truth' video couples archival footage of Mardi Gras Indians and candid images of locals dancing in the streets, with live clips from a Dumpstaphunk performance at the Howlin' Wolf during 2013's Mardi Gras celebrations. Its abstract interpretation intends to place the viewer within that experience, providing a brief translation of what it might be like to let loose with Dumpstaphunk down in New Orleans."



Also from the press release: "Production on the 'Dancin' To The Truth' video was spearheaded by Silverback and Hubtuit, with archival footage provided by local cinematographer Jay Newby (Big Chief Films). Additional footage by Jeff Pilskin (Raised Fist Propaganda) and Andrew L. Anthony (Best Coast Productions). Final edits, post production and special effects provided by Andrew L. Anthony (Best Coast Productions). Additional special effects by Motohiro Nezu."

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Dirty World is my favorite album among all the albums released in 2013. I think no one can beat the songs in this album.
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