Electronic Power Drop Lets Voices Rise

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Published on: April 28th, 2013


Stoney Creek singers broke out in song at the Cultural Exchange Pavillion.
Stoney Creek singers broke out in song at the Cultural Exchange Pavillion.

A memorable Jazz Fest moment took place on the Cultural Exchange Pavillion Tent yesterday when A Tribe Called Red, a trio of DJs from Ottowa Canada, had the music pumping - and the crowd dancing - so hard the sound went out. The crowd kept up the energy for a few mintues, but as the sound crew was working to bring the music back up, the dancers started to disperse until a powerful call and response style song rose up. The Stoney Creek Singers are performers at this year's Jazz Fest from North Carolina. They came together for an spontaneous song circle that filled the CEP Tent with raw, compelling chant that had the tent brimming with their energy. An unforgettable Jazz Fest moment for the lucky group that was present.

*A Tribe Called Red will be interviewd on the Music Heritage Stage in the grandstand at 4:15 today.

*The Stoney Creek Singers can be caught today with the Yellow Bird Indian Dancers on the Jazz & Heritage Stage at 1:40, and then on the CEP Tent at 3:15.

The Stoney Creek Singers from North Carolina

The sound crew got the music back up and A Tribe Called Red got the Cultural Exchange Pavillion jumping again to finish out the set.

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