Mardi Gras In New Orleans

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Published on: February 5th, 2013


Krewe Du Vieux
Just turn your head to the left

10 Things To Get You Through Your Carnival Parade Season


#10.  Bathroom- Find Close, Preferrably Free, Bathroom with everything one would need to survive the Parade Route Madness.


#9.  Pick a Side- Either You are a Sidewalk Side Parade Go-er, Or one of The Other Ones, across the street (neutral ground side).  Either way, Pick a side, and stick to it, its good Mardi Gras Mojo, Trust me.


#8.  Be Ready- Don't be one of the people crying after they get hit in the head with a bag of beads, thrown by some drunk rider.  Look up, keep a hand in front of your face, and always pay attention when a float passes by, or go back under a tree-(trees are great protection, but also do not help when you are actually trying to catch something.)  Also, by paying attention, you can see who has what, and who to ask for the special throw you desire.


#7.  Drinks- Alcoholic, or Non-alcoholic, have an ice chest stocked with, ice, cups, snacks, and your favorite beverage of choice, cause what's more fun that trying to catch(or block a barrage of) beads, with only one hand? 


#6.  Know Your Route- Know when the parades start, and where they go.  make sure you bring enough supplies for the entire Parade.  Or try to be by somewhere that has proper accomodations.


#5.  Know Your Krewe- Research each Krewe, find out why they Parade, for how long they have been around, and what their special throws are, and Theme each year.  It helps when planning on what parades to see.  I know ZULU, Muses, And, of course, Krewe Du Vieux are NOT TO BE MISSED-  But that is all personal taste, also, I've never caught a coconut, or a shoe, and I REALLY want ONE! (krewe du vieux just kills with float ideas)  Finding out about each Krewe's Tradition- Learning- its a Whole Lotta Fun


#4.  Be Polite- Everybody is around you having Fun.  Have Fun, Don't throw things at The other people on the Neutral Ground Side- Its just not nice. 


#3.  Drink Responsibly-  Just Cause it's Mardi Gras doesn't mean you can drink more than usual.  Stay Off the Roads, and Plan on walking everywhere.  Not Only cause you shouldn't drive drunk, but also because the "Other Guy" isn't reading this, and IS Driving Drunk, and Do you want to be on the road next to them?  I didn't think so. 


#2.  Don't Go To Bourbon Street- Just Trust Me On This One, Its Not Fun Unless you want to get really drunk, robbed, and see a bunch Of naked girls, that are, really, not that attractive.  If Love is what you are looking for, Just be cool, smile, and be nice.  It's really THAT easy. (it really is a magical season)


And The #1 Thing To get you through your Carnival Parade Season.  PUT ON A COSTUME!  It doesn't matter what it is! Just PUT IT ON.  Wear your costume to the Costume Ball of choice, to the Parade route, and On Mardi Gras DAY!  Have a great time pretending to be Gumby, or A Police Officer, Cause, seriously, We all want to be Police Officers.  :) 



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