New Music Alert!

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Published on: April 3rd, 2010
Be on the lookout for a new band called The Mohican Scouts. I got a chance to check out this young folk duo at the Circle Bar last Sunday and they really blew me away. Songwriter Parker Hobson plays nylon-string guitar with fiery precision and is not afraid to abuse his instrument when necessary. He also brings a unique and powerful vocal presence (unfortunately, because of the sub-par P.A. system at Circle Bar it was difficult to make out his lyrics much of the time). Violinist Rebecca Crenshaw is Hobson's perfect counterpart- her sweet and melodic (but in no way gutless) playing creates a great balance with the guitarist's grittier style. The Mohican Scouts were featured as part of the singer/songwriter night held at Circle Bar every Sunday from 6-10 PM. Hosted by Micah McKee (Silent Cinema) and Lauren Morrell this weekly show is a staple for fresh music and always has a great, mellow energy...perfect for a Sunday night. After talking to Hobson and Crenshaw after their set I was surprised to find out they'd only been playing together for a couple of months. The two said they're hoping to expand their lineup and start playing around town more regularly. I, for one, look forward to hearing what's next from this dynamic new group.

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