Diggin in the Crates - June 10, By Murf Reeves

Published on: June 12th, 2017


Smooth R&B emerging star Khalid




   Pop music, a style of music that is ever evolving, sometimes at dizzying speeds, with viral explosions moving folks at high BPMs from obscurity to center stage.  19 year old, El Paso native, Khalid, has dropped a soulful pop album American Teen, singing about  his exodus from  teenage years to beginning  a young artist’s journey through the world, one song at a time. The groove is relaxed, a youthful, gravelly suaveness in his voice,  as Khalid reflects on love, exploration and cruising the highway “doing all the stupid shit that young kids do.”
    Make no mistake, Khalid sings of the bright possibilities of new love as well as understanding the pain of breakup, ever aware life keeps moving on!  The first single, “Location,”  a slow, earthy, r&b tune, building slowly almost sultry as if you can  feel the heat of a summer night.  Most of the songs rely on sparse instrumentations, melodically accessorizing Khalid’s voice and stories.  Overall, the album has a hazy, happy, dreamy feel.  Khalid is confident on this journey as an emerging artist.   Many of the songs have a subdued organic feel with great use of the handclap(Not more cowbell!) The sound has a communal feel, and the lyrics touching on first love is something most folks have significant memories of.  Get on the highway, roll down the windows and turn up, “8teen,”  from Khalid’s debut album, American Teen.

  Travis Barker


When Summertime rolls around there are a couple of records I like to listening to that  embody summer vibes for me.  The Transplants, are a go to of mine,  fun, raw in your face punk rock music from Tim Armstrong,(Rancid), Skinhead Rob and Travis Barker(Blink182). Travis also put out an impressive solo album, “Give the Drummer Some.”  Released in 2012, “Give. . . highlights what Barker does best,  Laying down the sickest beats.  With a dream team of emcee guests,rhymes are being spit machine gun fast,  just check out opening track,  "Can the Drummer Get Some ,” with Rick Ross, the Game, Swizz Beatz, and Lil Wayne.  Each track has a different flavor, depending on which emcees are in control of the lyrics, listen to Let’s Go, with Busta Rhymes, Twista, Yelawolf and Lil Jon.  Barker doesn’t forget his rock n roll, with collaborations with Transplants, Slash, CoreyTaylor and The Misfits.  Summer is rolling, so should you with this collection of beat heavy, high energy songs.  Somebody gave the drummer two helpings!!

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