Wednesday Night Kitchen Sink Show continues the 2017 Summer of Love Series

Published on: June 12th, 2017


Jamie Dell'Appa will be Guest D.J.'ing Wednesday June 14
Jamie Dell'Appa Guest D.J.'ing Wednesday June 14
The little known story of the first U.S. Rock Festival

The 50-year anniversary of the 1967 “Summer of Love”  continues on the WWOZ Wednesday night Kitchen Sink Show.

We hoped you enjoyed the live performance of Malevitus last Wednesday!

If you missed it or want to see or hear it again you can listen to a 2-week archive of this and all shows on the WWOZ 2 Week On Demand Archive at . Select the Wednesday June 7 tab and then choose the top selection Kitchen Sink with A.J. Rodrigue and A.A. to listen. You can watch the video of Malivitus performing live on the Kitchen Sink at: 

We have another special show this Wednesday June 14 at 10:00 p.m.

“Mr. Saturday Night” Jamie Dell’Appa will tell us the little known story of the first U.S. Rock Festival. The Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival held in Marin County, California on June 10 & 11, 1967 (one week prior to The Monterey International Pop Festival and two years before Woodstock). Some say that Fantasy Fair and Monterey Pop weekends started the summer of love off and also became a prototype for large scale multi-act outdoor rock music events now known as "Rock Festivals". 

Jamie adds I think those weekends shouted to musicians and the music business that music wasn't just about teenagers in love during high school angst anymore.  Up until these weekends, everyone recognized that whatever the hippies represented, it was culturally earth-shattering but the music industry wasn't successful in monetizing the movement. They were still looking for Pat Boone, new Elvis and the next clean cut cute British boy band.  These festivals shouted to them, "You're looking in the wrong place."  

As they looked elsewhere, the roots music scene began to starve.  Ironically the new pop music scene was completely inspired by the roots scene.  These two groups of musicians became classic co-dependents - the Rolling Stones brought Howlin Wolf to press conferences and the press and public ignored Wolf.  Canned Heat and Led Zepplin would copy blues songs without attribution and their audience loved the covers.  Dan Hicks did his folksy swing to devotees who hated western swing music and all it represented. Commander Cody - same thing.   The roots guys attempts to cross over and they fell flat.  It was baffling to everyone involved.  Maybe it was a fundamental cultural shift or maybe it was just a fad but I sure as hell can't figure it out to this day.   

By focusing on these two festivals, the show's music will keep a California focus and its roots in my esoteric music.  

We hope you Tune In,  (turn on, and drop out) and make WWOZ your soundtrack to the 2017 Summer of Love.

The Boudin Cowboy!

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Boudin Cowboys plans to stick around after midnight and spin records released or recorded in 1967 along with other songs of summer and love.

Boudin Cowboy's picture

Boudin Cowboy plans to stick around after midnight and spin records that were recorded or released in 1967 as well as music of Summer and Love!

Boudin Cowboy's picture


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