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Published on: November 14th, 2009
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Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 5:59am
Thanksgiving is by far the nation's most boring holiday. Even the main event - gorging on food is compromised by the selection. Turkey' tastes like plywood and the second and third place finishers, potatoes and stuffing, are only edible if covered in gravy fat. Even the idea of the holiday is bogus. Celebrating a pre-genocide meal between native Americans and the machinery of conquest? This is as pretentious as Susan Stamburg's tired cranberry recipe joke. Oh, you scoffers! Don't pin me down as a subjective whiner. This is coming from an objective music library researcher. There are simply very few Thanksgiving songs that would work on a Saturday at midnight radio show. No Screaming Jay Hawkins. No monster / UFO invasion songs. There may be billions and billions of profound Christmas songs but who's been inspired by Thanksgiving? Tonight we provide the musical proof. We'll play any song about Thanksgiving you can find besides Alice's Restaurant. Until then, over fifty songs about topics related to Thanksgiving, The big leg syndrome of over-eating, Too many songs about potatoes, Even beer advertisement songs Since we tend to do everything sideways, we'll start with a set of music about slow time that matches the feeling that settles in after the feast but before the Detroit Lions boredom festival completely numbs the brain into unconsciousness. Oh yeah. Those brutes at NASA reported on their Saturday Night Special gunshot at the moon. Bastards made her cry buckets of tears. We'll do a set for the moon too. See also:
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I didn't tune in but I'm wondering if you found any Thanksgiving songs. My family has never played Thanksgiving songs we just start playing Christmas music then.

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I answered the studio phone and heard giggling. I smugly thought, another Saturday night drunk requesting "Stairway to Freebird" to keep them awake as they drive the Causeway. Then she struck as suddenly as Lestat:

"You dolt!" "Surfing Bird by the Trashmen is a Thanksgiving song."

I was humbled. Contrite even. How could I have not known the bird is the word.


I'm amazed that there is actually a Thanksgiving song. I've never heard this one but I think I will have to look it up and get it from iTunes or somewhere just to play for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the response by the way.

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From the Box Score section of last night's playlist.

See: November 28th, 2009 at

3 The total number of songs listeners and I have found dealing with Thanksgiving.

Of these three, Alices Restaurant, Surfin Bird (Trashmen) and Turkey Hop (Robins), only one even mentions Thanksgiving, Alice's Restaurant. But its story line barely covers Thanksgiving. As Arlo says, its really a song about the draft.

Thanksgiving doesn't deserve four vacation days. On merit, Thanksgiving is closer to Arbor Day. Thanksgiving, like me, needs a redesign to capture relevancy.

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