Murf's show recap 6.10.24

Published on: June 10th, 2024
Recapping Murf's show from 6.10.24

Hello Guardians of the Groove, 

I have been wanting to do this for awhile, recapping my show, so I do not forget any awesomeness that may have happened.  I started with a tribute to Dr. John.  The good doctor passed away June 6th 2019 and I missed last Thursday so I settled for today.  I went through all the media formats, CD, Lp and digital tracks.  I was feeling really good and dancing in the studio and feeling the Earth love I played Save The Wetlands - I had been pondering the phrase Think Globally Act Locally recently.  

I have been slowly using more vinyl on my show, because I have been listening to more vinyl at home. Yay Vinyl!!  Today Fats Domino, Earl King, Rebirth Brass Band, Judith Owen and Little Freddie King were all vinyl cuts.  Tipitina's record club is a great resource for albums. They do a wonderful job of releasing live performances and re-issueing album that are worth seeing the light of day again.  

 I really wanted to get to some new music but kept finding tunes that really move me, especially Merry Clayton's version of Grandma's Hands.  I was singing and dancing.  

I got in some new tracks:  Naughty Professor (Scrollin'), Erica Falls (Good Times), Charlie and the Tropicales with Quianna Lynell (Funny How Times Slips Away) and James Martin feat. Alfred Banks (From Here.) 

After the live wire I played Brass Band music for about 45 minutes.  I never play enough Brass Band Music.  


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