Trumpet Mafia

The Trumpet Mafia is the brainchild of virtuoso trumpeter and educator Ashlin Parker. The Mafia began in 2013 as a rehearsing, shedding collective, and they continue to grow today as an excellent musical ensemble that creatively arranges traditional jazz with hip hop.  The Trumpet Mafia’s high energy – sometimes there can be as many as 20 artists on stage – dazzles audiences and generates excitement wherever they perform. The group has wowed every Jazzfest since 2013 with guests including Leroy Brown, Maurice Brown, and Nicholas Payton, and has toured the world. Parker’s mission of inclusivity has expanded the Mafia to include members from around the world, and, when in performance, bring young children and teens onto the stage to thrive from the experience of working and playing alongside older, more experienced musicians. To that end, the Jazz Ascona festival in Switzerland invited the band to lead an educational project throughout the festival that incorporates younger players.

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