Los Güiros

Los Guiros blends traditional folkloric rhythms of Colombia, guitar and organ-driven stylings found in Peruvian Chicha, and modern electronic elements to take audiences on a high-energy psychedelic cumbia dance party. Bandleader Corina Hernandez combines her love of Central and South American folk musics with contemporary instrumentation and effects to create Los Guiros’s unique sound. The band also includes Simon Mouschabek on accordion & synth and Juan Coyote on guitar and cuatro puertorriqueño, a 10 stringed instrument traditionally used in salsa that has been electrified and put through a plethora of guitar effect pedals (and is alone worth the price of admission!). Driving rhythms are laid down by sousaphonist Todd Burdick (of Tuba Skinny), Miguel Cruz on congas, Gabriel Case on timbales, and Howe Pearson on electronic drum sounds. Los Guiros is young, forming as the pandemic waned, but they have entertained audiences from New Orleans dive bars to Bonnaroo; their first single, “Cumbia Mezcal!” captures their joyful energy.


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