Busker Blog: Kia Cavallaro

Published on: September 29th, 2014


 'When I'm performing, especially on the street, I feel really Free.' - Kia Cavallaro

In the fourth WWOZ video profile of New Orleans buskers, we head over to Royal Street and get to know banjo player and song writer Kia Cavallaro.

A blast of powerful riffs with a combination of intricate instinctual plucking and a sweet voice from the smallest and strongest amazon woman, This is the music that comes out of the fingers, voice and feet of Kia Cavallaro: a beautiful sound that erupts from deep within, Songs beholding stories from faraway places with changes of keys and rhythms that you would never expect.  Her distinct style and unique tone will follow you home, wherever you go.

Fun Fact: The banjo she preforms with was built by her own hands. 

You can catch Kia performing on Tuesday Nights at Circle Bar from 6-9p.

Other performing dates can be found at kiacavallaro.com and on Facebook.


kia cavallaro


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