WWOZ & Partners Present Gulf Aid: A Benefit for BP Oil Victims

Published on: May 10th, 2010

The Gulf Aid benefit concert in New Orleans on May 16, 2010, was a huge success, raising $300,088.65 for the Gulf Relief Foundation! See the list of sponsors and service/equipment donors. 

"This was truly an 8-day wonder," said David Freedman, General Manager of WWOZ and a member of the board of the Gulf Relief Foundation. "The Foundation's first distribution will be to the fishing community most impacted by the shutdown of activity in St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes."

The fight isn't over—you can still help:

Gulf AidText "GULFAID 10" to 27138 to donate $10 to Gulf Aid. Replace "10" with the number of US dollars (no $ sign) you'd like to pledge—donate as little or as much as you like. Donors will receive an automated call the next day to fulfill their pledge over the phone via credit card.

Or mail contributions to: Gulf Relief Foundation, P.O. Box 6917, Metairie, LA 70009


Check out our photo gallery from the Gulf Aid concert below!


I was wondering if we could bring lawn chairs to the concert? Thanks, Elaine

There are two stages, one indoors and one outdoors. You'll be able to bring your chair to the outdoor stage...

Once again we are watching in amazement and astonishment at the pace of rescue and recovery of the Gulf Coast Wetlands as well as the many lives and livelihoods which are being affected. We all need to do all we can to stop this impending disaster. Thanks to all who have come together so quickly for so many, we watch and applaud your efforts and all of us who can not be there to help, should make an effort to send support, no matter how much, knowing that the sponsors of this effort will see to it that our donations are put to good use. Let's all do what we can individually and collectively and then send the Bill to good old Uncle Sam, BP, Halliburton and the rest who are responsible, we hope they are doing their best, but as usual, disasters like this bring out the best in individuals and the worst in BIG business. As always WWOZ Sayin It, Meaning It and Doin It, Thank you
Nawlinsdahlin in NYC

I'm wondering if you can provide a list of what time each band is scheduled to play as well as which stage they will be appearing on for the Gulf Aid concert? Thanks!

please click on the link that says "Check out the complete lineup and schedule."

Probably sounds silly but my question is if you bring a chair to utilize at the outdoor stage will you not be allowed to carry it (fold up chair in bag) into the indoor stage area? Thanks!

As long as they are folded and in a bag, they're fine. You just won't be able to unfold them and sit in them inside.

Does VIP ticket holders have a special place to enter the building?

No special entrance to building, but once inside the venue, the entrance to the vip area is through the mardi gras mansion entrance.

I was wondering if I will be able to bring an aluminum water bottle ( filled with water ) and camera to the event? I can't seem to find any info about this anywhere. Also, will there be opportunities to donate during the day at the event?

no cameras that have detachable lenses. 

no food or beverages allowed into the venue.

plenty of opportunities to donate throughout the day. see above... online, text message, mail, and there will be people taking donations on site.

Is there any way to purchase a poster from the event online (if they exist?) or can I have one mailed to me? I can pay through paypal or something. Who should I e-mail? Thanks. Listening live on wwoz.org but couldn't make it to NOLA for the event :(

William Gunkel
Austin, Texas

there are no posters as of now. but we encourage you to donate online! keep in touch though and we'll let you know if anything changes.

I just had an idea. There was a full page Gulf Aid ad in the Times Picayune on Saturday, May 15th. Perhaps there is a copy laying around the office or with a friend? With the Saints win I just bought a paper on eBay but no such luck this time around. If you figure anything out, please let me know and we can figure out postage, etc. Thanks.

Will WWOZ create a compilation album of the Gulf Aid Benefit? Would be another great way to help donate to the cause. Think about it. :-)

...makes that an extremely difficult process, and it's unlikely we could get those releases from many of the major artists. However, you can buy "It Ain't My Fault" with Lenny Kravitz, Trombone Shorty, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band on iTunes, and part of those proceeds go to the Gulf Relief Foundation.

Well explained...This oil spill has already made a huge impact, both economic and the environment. It's causing too much damage. The BP and two other companies involved with the spill should be held accountable. Let's not allow these killer companies to get away or further abuse the environment. Also, let's take part and look for ways to help with the ongoing repair.

One of the problem that we are facing right now is that millions of gallons of crude oil already leaked in the ocean. And it destroys all animals and especially our health as well.

Darling 504:


Here I am, just about a little over 1100+ miles from home. Just how does a person at such a geographical "disadvantage" help out with this egregious situation facing the rest of my folks down there in The Bayou?? It isn't like I can just show up tomorrow and make a difference, attend events, etc. Each time I see yet another, oil-dyed-and-dying pelican, I cringe and cry, but, alas tears do no one any good..

So.. anyone down home got any suggestions for a dyed-in-the-wool home-sister? What to do?? What to do??


The three things we need most down here are money for the affected business owners and their families, raising awareness of the problems (and of potential solutions), and support getting our government -- and local experts -- to step in where BP is failing miserably.


Donations are still being accepted at www.gulfaid.org.

You can tell your friends they should get involved.

You can also write to your state representatives and senators pleading with them to tell the president to do more to stop this disaster by not leaving the solution entirely in BP's incapable hands.

And finally, know that your moral support isn't wasted... thoughts and prayers are important too, and we thank you for them.

As always, music will ultimately help the NOLA region get out of this situation. A lot of folks all over the land are pulling for the Gulf Coast and the common bond is music. And food, too, I guess. We need to step back and look at this as a complex, long-term problem with no quick solutions. When's the CD available for purchase?

I guess the crisis brought by the oil spill motivates people to help each other through the concert. I'd like to believe that all of us are affected by this unexpected challenges from the oil spill. That's why we are gather together in this concert in order to realize the effectiveness of helping hand. I'm actually happy to know that here are still lot of people who cares about the societal and environmental issues. The best thing that we can do is to appreciate the activity, hoping that there are still more help to come along the way of solving this problem. Good luck!

Great shows.

Great job of raising money on behalf of Gulf families.

When are they going to start seeing some of it?

This is perfects ideas to use a donation on good activities. I have been involved in donation too for the site SongsNepal.com. We could see those who are using our donations on worse work, non social work, which is total disgusting. I am so much appreciated on your project rescue and recovery of the Gulf Coast Wetlands. It's a really social work; it would helpful for those as well as many lives and life which are being affected. There we could see many of gallon crude oil was leaked in the ocean, that's why the water was being toxic. This is really affecting human life. Any ways I hope that the all of donations money will be utilize successfully. No matter how much has collected, but it would be really great if its use in right way properly and it will be really appreciated work.

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