"N.O. All the Way Live" Celebrates 1 Year

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Published on: March 5th, 2010


George Ingmire
George Ingmire

"New Orleans All the Way Live" is a weekly radio show produced and hosted by George Ingmire about the music, food, festivals, and culture of the Crescent City, sponsored by the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation.

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The series' 50th show marks its first birthday, so we sat down with Mr. Ingmire for a peek behind the scenes.

Why did you create this documentary series?
To shed light on the living culture of New Orleans. I was keen on food being a part of the program - any excuse to go eat and drink is fine with me.

How many stations around the U.S. are airing the show?
We've got roughly 50 stations that either carry it on a regular basis or for special occasions.

What are the biggest challenges in putting these shows together?
Time and content. Keeping it fresh and interesting, challenging myself to do more with less, to sound more natural. Also, every week when I'm doing the narration track at my home studio, my cat Zeke inevitably interrupts with a meow or scratch at the door. If anyone were to listen to my outtakes, they'd be concerned about my sanity - voiceovers can be a bit tricky with all breathing and pacing. Other than that, things are flowing fine. We live in a city that is 'open source', so I feel comfortable with approaching anyone, be they a musician, chef, culture bearer or industry leader, for an interview.

What's your wish list for NOATWL?
A small staff supporting the workflow would be nice. I'd love to actually do it live occasionally - that's a vibe that I'm hoping for in the new season.

Which show are you proudest of (and why)?
Like children, I'm hesitant to claim a favorite, though there are moments when the subject matter, the editing, the music, and the food/culture featurettes all come together in a way that makes me really proud.
The program on Yuki Izakaya was a labor of love - I recorded the bulk of the music myself, so I felt a bit like an ethnomusicologist doing field recordings. I'd love to have a budget and support to do more programs like this, featuring the vibrant, multifaceted music scene from the ground level, from the hip.

New Orleans All the Way Live airs on WWOZ Saturdays from 7-8 a.m.

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