Jazz Fest 2009 Thank Yous

Published on: May 11th, 2009


Photo of Behind the scenes at Congo Square
Members of Congo Square Production Krewe enjoying some crawfish
It takes an army of volunteers, staff and experts to produce the WWOZ broadcast, man the hospitality tent, produce Piano Night and create our live internet coverage. There are many to thank, and though we’ve done our best, we’re sure we’ve missed some of the valuable contributors to the wildly successful 40th Annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. We love you all and truly could not have done it with out each and every one of you!!!

The Broadcast Krewe:

Dimitri Apessos, Lisa Barrios, Sondra Bibb, Brad Blanchard, Missy Bowen, Charles Burchell, Sam Cammarata, Suzanne Corley, Dave Dauterive, Dean Ellis, Dan Fitzgerald, Bob French, Andrew Grafe, Olivia Greene, George Ingmire, T.R. Johnson, David Kunian, Al Laskey, Kathleen Lee, Thaddeus Meyers, Tom Morgan, Murf Reeves, Linda Santi, and Peggy Lou Sevdalis.

Sound Board Operators:

Anna Temple and Ronald Walton.

The Membership/Brass Pass Krewe:

Molly Cobb, Crystal Gross, Hillary Albins, Leita Barnes, Larry Beron, Shawn Boudreaux, Jennifer Butler, Mike Casey, Cerulleal, Marine Cote, Steve Daub, Matthew and Melissa DeOrazio, Kelley Dodd, Maureen Dowty, Dan Fitzgerald, Gabe Fuentes, Mike Forester, Jan Janz, Natasha Ackerman Jones, Clarissa Koederitz, Mary Lambert, Diana Maier, Ruth Marinello, Max Ochester, Florence Pelosato, Grace Perrine, Collins Phillips, Shelia Phillips, Roy Roberson, David Rosenberg, Betty Jane Schlater, Eshyah Selig, Karen Smith, Woodruff Smith, Carla Talevi, Anna Temple, Maite Vail, and many more.

The Hospitality Tent Krewe:

Patti Averbuck, David Averbuck, Lisa Bacques, Allison Barker, Leita Barnes, Glenn Becnel, Karen Beem, Gcinile Buthelezi, Ian Cockburn, Matthew and Melissa DeOrazio, Joe Dobroe, Yvonne Eres, Gabe Fuentes, Mike Forester, Lew Gaiter, Eva Hankston, James Henderson, Nikki Kemp, Michael Kennedy, Alex Kenner, Clarissa Koederitz, Yordunka Koleva, Mary Lambert, Marie Lovejoy, Grace Perrine, Liberty Rashad, Esther Reynolds, Roy Roberson, Kaitlin Ryan, Juli Sholar, Dianne Smith, Karen Smith, Carla Talevi, J.W. Tatum, John Titsworth, Ayana Toney, Maite Vail, Steve Walden, Ben Zonderop, and many more!

The Piano Night Krewe:

Jeannie Adams, Hillary Albins, Lori Anderson, Leita Barnes, Glenn Becnel, Gordon Cagnolatti, Matt DeVitt, Lu Dalton, Claudia Demestre, Lew Gaiter, Elyse Hackett, Don Hargrove, Don and Mary Kellar, Carol Kolinchak, Coy LeBeau, Maria Lovejoy, Stacey Morigeau, Grace Perrine, Liberty Rashad, Jonathan and Michelle Ray, Kaitlin Ryan, Linda Santi, Eric Schneider, Karen Smith, Peggy Lou Sevdalis, Trey Scholar, Anna Temple, Carla Talevi, Maite Vail, Elmore Verlander, Chris and Nancy Wells and many others!

WWOZ Piano Night Cuisine Partners:

Crescent City Brewhouse, La Divina Gelateria, Martinique Bistro, The Country Club, Whole Foods, ONE Restaurant, Cafe Bamboo, Elizabeth's, and The Joint.

The Web Krewe:

Ariana Hall, Hunter King, Mike Kobrin, Glenn Pearl, Celia Sinclair, Jacques Morial, C4Tech & Design, Becky Cierpich, Will Kirchheimer and Ian Johnson. Thanks also to NOJazzFest.com and NPR.org!

Vespa Raffle Ticket Sales:

Adrienne Altman, Jennifer Butler, Mike Casey, Nancy Gootrad, Florence Pelosato, Priscilla Newell, David Rosenberg, Ron Walton.


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MRJAZZOFOZ's picture

I was privileged to work as Host at the Solo Piano Stage for 21st Piano Night.

Michael "Mr. Jazz" Gourrier

Big D's picture

Once again it was my privledge and pleasure to join with George Ingmire in bringing Piano Night to the 'OZ audience, live as it happened. Even if we did have to be in the "Cold Room" all night.

May All Your Blues Be On The Radio....


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