Jamie Dell'Apa and the Future of Playlists

Published on: August 5th, 2008
WWOZ show host Jamie Dell'Apa
Jamie Dell'Apa insists he only exists as a disembodied voice, but this is a picture of him from last year's Mardi Gras.

One of the newer members to our broadcast krewe is Jamie Dell'Apa. Jamie had years of prior broadcast experience, so he has fit in nicely. Jamie also helps out in may ways behind the scenes, so much so, that some of us wonder what we ever did before he arrived.

Many of our listeners probably haven't heard Jamie on the air, other than when he does fill-ins, as his show is from midnight until 3 a.m. early Sunday morning. Jamie's approach to doing his show shows his love for the music of many genres. But the thing that really sets apart Jamie's show are his playlists.

In a world where normally you would be happy with the name of the song, the label and the year, Jamie takes it to a whole new level. His playlists are full of commentary as to why a particular song fits into his many theme shows, but that's not all. Also part of his playlists are YouTube video links that relate to the theme or a video performance of the artists or song he just played.

In essence, Jamie gives you the listener as much of the story behind his music as you will find anywhere. There are hours of work easily in each one of his shows, and we just thought that you — our loyal listeners — might want a "heads-up" on the WWOZ "Playlist King," Jamie Dell'Apa.

Check out some of Jamie's playlists.


Nice photo of Jamies' materialization...

Fully agree on Jamie - had the pleasure of listening to his show.
Actually you forgot to mention that Jamie invites everyone to submit to his upcoming shows. Have a look on the programming forum.

As an OZ listener I disagree with your description of the playlist world: No question Jamie's lists are outstanding but I can not count how often I wrote to or called showhosts and sometimes they even put me in contact with the artist. WWOZ is outstanding and Jamie propels it to the next level.

Furthermore i would like to point out that some showhosts offer 'realtime' email contact - very welcome by those not living in NOLA.

All together these people lead OZ into the next dimension of radio !

jdellapa's picture

The WWOZ Invitational for this week is inspired by Barack Obama's trip to Hawaii. Nope, we are not doing the overly-earnest, boring race-based analysis of his adolescent adjustments. No, next Saturday night's show is about Obama's biggest coming-of-age adjustment - moving from Kansas to Hawaii.

Below is a really rough draft of the show and it obviously needs your help. Submit your songs, ideas, video, text, and anything else to advance this goofy theme. However, hold your politics and rants as (big radio secret here) the show isn't really about Obama. We're just using Obama to give a greater context to the music of WWOZ. So get thinking about the music, audio snippets, narration, video links, etc that you can tortuously fit into this show. I really need fish-out-of-water music for Chapter One and Chapter Three's Hawaiian music needs shoring up. Go to the Programming Forum to read the rules for the WWOZ Invitational (or just make 'em up yourself) then send me your submissions via my e-mail link on this site (or at; soundieswwoz@yahoo.com).

Kansas is flat dry farming
Hawaii is mountains, beaches, and tropical rain forests.

Kansas state lines were traced off a jello mold.
Hawaii's state lines were shaped by volcano and ocean waves.

Kansas produces breadbasket wheat and corn.
Hawaii produces fruits used in cocktails.

Down coats are the style in Kansas, swimsuits in Hawaii.
Climbing a grain tower is a teenager's challenge in Kansas, Hawaii has Lele Kawa cliff diving.

Chapter One
What am I Doing Here?

Mennonite Surf Party Billy Wirtz
(We are dying for other fish-out-of-water analogies that tangentially tie into this them)

Chapter Two -
If Everybody Believes Their Hometown Is Absolutely Perfect
Then Why Isn't the World Even Close to Perfect?

Beehive state - Randy Newman
Ride the Mule by Kansas Barrance Whitfield
Kansas City Little Richard
Destination KC Lester Young
KC Stomp Jelly Roll Morton
KC Blues Roy Newman and His Boys
KC Fats Domino
Wichita Lineman ????
My Little Home on the Range Calvin (Hound Dog) Ruffin NOLA R&R Party

Home songs
No place like home Wizard of Oz
Aint Got No Home Frogman Henry

The song they played at Obama's going away party:
When Johnny Brings Lelehani home Hoosier Hot shots

Chapter Three
I Heard Hawaii was a Tropical Paradise:

Not in Kansas Anymore Wizard of Oz
Palolo Girls Mokettes Valley Girl send off
Paradise Ronnettes
Hawaii 5.0. TV Theme song
Hawaii R&R PSA Armed Force Network radio spot
Hawaiian War Chant? Spike Jones
Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor Belushi – Animal House
Give Bonds for Xmas Fibber McGee (check for Pearl Harbor link)
Lost in the Harbour Tom Waits
Remember (Walking in the Sand) Shangralas
Burning Sands Joe Nadeau
Sand to Sand Spencer Bohren

Over the Waves Wayne and the Velvetones DRew Blan
Surfing tragedy The Breakers?
Surfing songs f The Astronauts

Chapter Four
I Love My New Orleans Hometown and
it is a Different Kind of Paradise!

Welcome to New Orleans Galactic (perfect introduction
Poor Man's Paradise SubDudes
Back in New Orleans Armand St. Martin
Drop Me Off in New Orleans Kermit Ruffins
No City Like New Orleans Earl King
Going Back to New Orleans Joe Liggins and His Honeydrippers
Going Back to New Orleans Dr. John
New Orleans Wins the War Randy Newman
Walking to New Orleans Fats Domino
Do You Know What It Means Fats Domino
I Wish I Never Saw New Orleans Pfister Sisters
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans KC 6/Lester Young
What is New Orleans Kermit Ruffins
New Orleans Big Boy Myles
My Darlin New Orleans Little Queenie
New Orleans Cowboy Mouth (it works here)

So start submitting!!!!


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