Final 2017 Fall Pledge Drive Highlights & Thank-yous

Published on: October 30th, 2017


Soul Rebels during the drive. Photo by Kichea S Burt.

WWOZ would like to thank everyone who had a part in making our Fall 2017 pledge drive a huge success! Shout outs to all of our new & renewing members, show hosts, musicians, volunteers, staff, photographers, engineers and food donors You're all helping to guard the groove and helping us bring you the music and culture you love. Awesome!


Click here for all of the video we recorded during the drive, which includes just about every second of some three dozen acts.


Click here for a gallery of photo hightlights from the drive.

Musicians: Shynola Jazz Band, Corey Henry Treme Funktet, Mia Borders, Naked On The Floor, Drew Meez on the Keyz, Marc Stone Band, Grayson Brockamp & the New Orleans Wildlife Band, John Rankin, Soul Rebels, Ernie Vincent, Haruka Kikuchi, Soul Brass Band, Kyle Roussel, Mario Abney, Papo Y Son Mandao, Amigos De Samba, Michael O'Hare, Esther Rose, Dinosaurchestra, Dave Jordan & the NIA, Eric Lindell, Adonis Rose & NOJO, Smoking Time Jazz Club, Mood and Lands, Kermit Ruffins & the BBQ Swingers, Nutria, Doyle Cooper Jazz Band, Billy Iuso & the Restless Natives, Mike "Soulman" Baptiste, Ceasar Elloie, Landry Walker High School, Erica Falls, The Iguanas, Brass-A-Holics, Bonerama.

Show Hosts & Pitchers: Mark Lamaire & Pearl Ricks, Leslie Cooper & Missy Bowen, Cole Williams & Bob Rodrigues, Marc Stone & Melanie Merz, Neil Pellegrin & Jivin' Gene, David Kunian & Andrew Grafe, Breaux Bridges & Maryse Dejean, Jorge Fuentes & Dave Ankers, Derrick Freeman & Pearl Ricks, Dennis Schaibly & Arthur Cohen, Sondra Bibb & Marcel McGee, Rare on the Air & Leslie Cooper, AJ and Double A, Scott Borne & Marcel McGee, Sally Young & Beth Arroyo Utterback, Michael Dominici & Melanie Merz and Action Jackson, the Creeper & Scott Aiges, Al Colon and J. Pegues, George Ingmire & Jennifer Brady, Brian McColgan & Stacey Morigeau, Dave Dauterive & AJ Rodrigue, Murf Reeves & Carrie Booher, Bob Rodrigue & Missy Bowen, Problem Child & Jorge Fuentes, Vin Chary & Charles Burchell, Black Mold & Jamie Dell'Appa, Alski & Pearl, Ron Phillips & Sally Young; Jorge Fuentes & Carrie Booher; Yolanda Estrada & Ariana Hall, Dean Ellis & Suzanne Corley, Suzanne Corley & Jorge Fuentes, Brice Nice & Scott Borne, Soul Sister & Duane Williams, J Pegues & Scott Borne, Hazel Schleuter & Bob Rodrigue, Charles Laborde & Jim Hobbs, Cousin Dimitri & Jerry Lenaz, Elizabeth Meneray & Ron Phillip, Minister of Swing & Christy Grimes, Eugene Thomas & Sakura Koné, Bob Rodrigue & Beth Arroyo Utterback, Dan Meyer & Maryse Dejean, Murf Reeves & Marcel McGee, Andrew Grafe & Melanie Merz, Maryse Dejean & Carmen Connor Post, Missy Bowen, The Governor & Chris Antonucci, Mark Lamaire & Reid Wick, Leslie Cooper & Stacey Morigeau, Cole Williams & Action Jackson, Marc Stone & Jamie Dell'Apa, TR Johnson & Scott Borne, Neil Pellegrin & Jivin' Gene and Sally Young, David Kunian & Bill Murray, Breaux Bridges & Maryse Dejean, Father Ron & Ashli, Pearl Ricks, Carrie Booher & J Pegues, Sondra Bibb & Charlie B, Bob Murrett & Leslie Cooper, AJ & Double AA, Scott Borne & Stuart Hall, Sally Young & Neil Pellegrin, Michael Dominici, Creeper & Beth Arroyo Utterback, Al Colon & Maryse Dejean, George Ingmire & Melanie Merz, Jamie Dell'Apa & Jennifer Brady, Dave Dauterive, Keith Hill & Beth Arroyo Utterback, Black Mold & Scott Borne.

Phone Bank Volunteers: Danny Albert, Austin Allen, Harry Ballard, Mary Ann Bischoff, Tommy Boehm, Michelle Bushey, Bonnie Cochran, Pamela Colbert, Rich Colbert, Mike Dill, Michel Gagnier, Liz Grippe, Mark Grzywacz, Eva Heyert, Laura Hibbitts, Arlene Hines, Louis Holmes, Francis Davis Kleineter, April Leigh, Michael MacAndrew, John Maske, M.Mastrogiovanni, Ron McKay, Jacob Mills, Bob Mugar, Julie Nalibov, Joel Nitzkin, Phyllis Nitzkin, Yuri Ogama, Doug Page, Gerry Puchalski, Karen Scott, Eshyah Selig, Leslie Smallwood, Dave Stets, Dianna Thompson, Mike Thompson, Hank Weisbecker, Marta Welden, Chris Williams.

Photographers & Video Camera Operators:  Kichea S. Burt, Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee, Mike McAndrew, Leona Strassberg Steiner, Noelani Musicaro, Tom Roche.

Front Desk & Helpers: Jeannette Albert, Tommy Boehm, Melissa Gemeinhardt, Laura Hibbits, Arlene Hines, Louis Holmes, Allison Hyslet, Myron Jones, Yuri Ogama, Leslie Smallwood, Dianna Thompson.

Food donations: La Boulangerie, Crabby Jacks, Moe's Original Bar B Que, Horn's, Bywater Bakery, and Kebab, Stein's Market & Deli, Red Gravy, Petite Amelie, N.O. Cake Cafe & Bakery, The Joint Silk Road, Croissant D'Or, Casa Borrega, and Cafe Roma, Fresh Market, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Juan's Flying Burrito, 1000 Figs, and St. James Cheese Company, Mulate's, and Mimi's in the Marigny, Belle's Diner, Marjie's Grill, MoPho.


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