2017 Spring Pledge Drive Highlights & Thanks - Day 6

Published on: March 20th, 2017


Noel Waggener and Elizabeth Meneray


WWOZ would like to thank all of our new & renewing members, show hosts, musicians, volunteers, staff, photographers, engineers and food donors for what we hope will prove to be a highly successful Spring Membership Drive! You're all helping to guard the groove and helping us bring you the music and culture you love. Excellent!

Check out our photo highlights (below) of all the exciting performers and guests, hardworking staff and volunteers, and delicious food from each day of the drive!

Sunday, March 19

Show Hosts & Pitchers:  Mark Landesman, .

Lauren Mastro (Ron Phillips), Hazel the Delta Rambler (Bob Rodrigue), Charles Laborde (Jim Hobbs, Kateri Yaeger), Cousin Dimitri (Lisa Wiliford), Elizabeth Meneray (Noel Waggener), Minister of Swing (Elizabeth Meneray), Eugene Thomas (Duane Williams).

Phone Bank Volunteers:  Austin Allen, Shauna Carpenter, John Caulkins, Susan Del Guidice, Lea Grzywacz, Mark Grzywacz, Ron McKay, Jacob Mills, LaWanda Smith.

Front Desk & Helpers: Jeannie Adams, Karen Scott.

Food donations: The Fresh Market, Capdeville, and Louisiana Pizza Kitchen. If you're a restauranteur who'd like to donate food for a future drive, contact rick@wwoz.org.


Drive Highlights by Day:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


Photo gallery:

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