2016 Fall Pledge Drive Highlights - Final Thank-yous

Published on: October 31st, 2016


Haruka Kikuchi. Photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans.


The Fall 2016 Pledge Drive is in the books. WWOZ would like to thank all of our new & renewing members, show hosts, musicians, volunteers, staff, photographers, engineers and food donors for what we hope will prove to be a highly successful Spring Membership Drive! You're all helping to guard the groove and helping us bring you the music and culture you love. Bravo!

Check out our photo highlights (below) of all the exciting performers and guests, hardworking staff and volunteers, and delicious food from each day of the drive!

October 18 - 28

Musicians: DAY 1: Trad Stars Jazz Band, Chapter Soul, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Jasen Weaver. DAY 2: Doyle Cooper Jazz Band, Khris Royal & Dark Matter, and Gregory Agid. DAY 3: Topsy Chapman, New Breed Brass Band, JD Hill Band, Tork & Friends, Mooney, Stone & Krown. DAY 4: Haruka Kikuchi, Smoke-N-Bones, Eric Lindell. DAY 5: Son Maneao, Brazilian Supergroup, Chocolate Milk. DAY 6: Aurora Nealand, Willy Gantrim, Alynda Lee Segarra. DAY 7: Smoking Time Jazz Club, Tony Hall, Brother Tyrone, and Mario Abney. DAY 8: Panorama Jazz Band, Naughty Professor, Dana Abbott, Roland Guerin. DAY 9: New Wave Brass Band, Flow Tribe, Johnny Sansone, James Singleton. DAY 10: High Standards Orchestra, Bobby Rush, Vasti Jackson, Mem Shannon, Diesel Combustion Orchestra, Dominatrix House Band. DAY 11: Wendell Brunious, Corey Henry.

Show Hosts & Pitchers: DAY 1: Mark LaMaire (Brian Boyles), Leslie Cooper (Stacey Morigeau), Cole Williams (Pearl Ricks), Marc Stone (Arthur Cohen), T.R. Johnson (Scott Borne), Neil Pellegrin (Jivin' Gene). DAY 2: Breaux Bridges (Michael Liuzza), Olivia Green (Jorge Fuentes), Derrick Freeman (Scott Borne), Big D (Father Ron), Sondra Bibb (Jellyroll Justice), Rare on the Air (Tommy Lyons). DAY 3: Scott Borne (Cole Williams, Stuart Hall), Sally Young (Tommy Lyons), Bill Taylor (Melanie Merz), DJ Swamp Boogie (Arthur Cohen), Al Colon (Noel Waggener), Missy Bowen (Duane Williams). DAY 4: Raymond Kent (Grace Wilson), Old Man River (Lisa the Kitten), Bill De Turk (Melanie Merz), The Problem Child (Pearl Ricks), Jelly Roll Justice (Lintz), Black Mold (Russell Shelton). DAY 5: Jorge Fuentes (Leslie), Sharon Armstrong (Arthur Cohen), Yolanda (Jorge Fuentes), Suzanne Corley (Dean), Suzanne Corley (Jorge Fuentes), Brice Nice (Scott Borne), Soul Sister (Pearl Ricks). DAY 6: Lauren Mastro (Rockin' Ron), Hazel the Delta Rambler (Ole Man River), Jim Hobbs & Charles Laborde, Cousin Dimitri (Jerry Lenaz) Elizabeth Meneray (Jorge Fuentes), Eugene Thomas (Matt Knowles). DAY 7: Ole Man River (Noel Waggoner), Dan Meyer (Melanie Merz), Murf Reeves (Pamela Wood), Andrew Grafe (Elaina Thompson), Maryse Dejean (Michael Liuzza), Ron Phillips (Arthur Cohen). DAY 8: Mark LaMaire (KaTrina Griffin), Leslie Cooper (Stacey Morigeau), Cole Williams (Murf Reeves), Marc Stone (Lisa Da Kitten), TR Johnson (Stuart Hall), Neil Pellegrin (Sally Young). DAY 9: Breaux Bridges (Maryse Dejean), Olivia Greene (Father Ron), Derrick Freeman (Pearl Ricks), Big D (J Pegues), Charlie B, Rare on the Air (Tommy). DAY 10: Scott Borne (Murf), Sally Young (Rockin' Ron), Bill Taylor (Carrie Booher), DJ Swamp Boogie (Andrew Grafe), Al Colon (Noel Waggener), Missy Bowen (Jerry Lenaz). DAY 11: Raymond Kent (Carrie Booher), Jorge Fuentes (Arthur Cohen), Black Mold (Scott Borne).

Phone Bank Volunteers:  Austin Allen, Harry Ballard Mary Ann Bischoff, Tommy Boehm, Danielle Bradly, Pam Bromavey, Broderick Brooks, Alison Burbank, John Calkins, Bonnie Cochran, Rich Colbert, Veronica Cromwell, Francis Davis, Susan Del Guidice, Melissa DeOrazi, Matt DeOrazi, Mike Dill, Ellen Dotter, Ame Flynn, Michael Gagnier, Melissa Geimenhardt, Lea Gryzwac, Mark Gryzwac, David Herzog, Peter Hickman, Lou Hill, Arlene Hines, Louis Holmes III, Sarah Holtz, Sakura Kone, Schuyler Lawyer, April Leigh, Michael Liuzza, Mac MacAndrew, Doug Marshall, Shawn Mayeux, Paulette McCrary, Ron McKay, Bruce Mohat, Bob Mugar, Julie Nabakov, Joel & Phyllis Nitzkin, Brian Opert, Wendy Pabian, Ebony Parker, Brooke Paulus, Dennis Pontrello, Gerry Puchalski, Jennifer Sato, Karen Scott, Eshyah Selig, Leslie Smallwood, Bob Stets, Greg Taruso, Sissy Wiggins, George Wilde.

Photographers: Kichea S Burt, Olivia Greene, Ken Maldonado, Eli Mergel, Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee, Bill Sasser, Leona Strassberg Steiner.

Front Desk & Helpers: Mary Ann Bischoff, Luis Capuchina, Steve Daub, Arlene Hines, Sandy Kuehl, Dave Maitland, Noelani Musicaro, Brian Opert, Jyra Phillips, Gary Puchalski.

Food donations: Belle's Diner, Cafe Amelie, Casa Borrega, Croissant D'Or, Crabby Jacks, Dreamy Weenies, Dryades Public Market, Elysian Seafood, Fresh Market, Horns, Juan's Flying Burrito, Kebab, La Boulangerie, La Divina Gelateria, Loretta's Pralines, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Mid City Yacht Club, Mimi's in the Marigny, Moe's Bar B Que, Mona Lisa, MoPho, New Orleans Cake Cafe & Bakery, Nirvana, NO Ice Cream, Red Gravy, Saucy's BBQ, Silk Road, St. James Cheese Company, Stein's Deli, Tee Eva's, The Joint.  If you're a restauranteur who'd like to donate food for a future drive, contact rick@wwoz.org.

Thanks for the food and beverage provided throughout the drive by: Coca Cola Bottling of Louisiana.

Drive Highlights by Day: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11


Photo galleries from all 11 days of the drive.

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