Brass Pass - This is How We Do Jazz Fest

Brass Pass - This is How We Do Jazz Fest

  • Go to Jazz Fest every day!
  • Enjoy limitless iced coffee and fresh fruit
  • Revel in our shade and cool misting fans
  • Mingle with musicians, show hosts, and Ozillians from around the world
  • WiFi and computer access
  • Come and go as you please
  • Send a friend instead

Dear WWOZ Brass Pass Members,

You'll notice that the price of the pass increased to $500 this year. While it pained us to do so, we needed to make this adjustment to meet our fundraising needs. We've held the price for the past three years, but as our costs went up, so must the pass. We understand $500 is no small chunk of change and we hope you can see the value in accessing both weekends of Jazz Fest, access to the hospitality tent and supporting the greatest station in the nation. Thanks for listening and for helping to guard the groove.

See ya at the Fest!

Brass Pass photo

Your Best Ticket to Jazz Fest




Photo by Infrogmation