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Street Talk: The Studio at Colton

A group of artists are transforming a vacant middle school on St. Claude into studio and performance space for artists. Ceramics classes, puppet making, screen printing, comic book arts, video production, radio, upholstry and dance are just some of the classes offered. There are also plans to transform the cafeteria into a community kitchen and teaching space for the culinary arts. In this week's Street Talk we hear from some of the artists and students involved with Colton.

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Dave and Roslyn

Ben Perkins

Before the terrible storm my family and I had the great thrill of spending time in New Orleans. We got to know the wonderful street singers in Dave and Rosyln. We tried to get in touch with them after the storm trusting they were well...but we never made contact despite phone calls, e mails and letters. Could someone please tell us where they are, and that are safe. They are wonderful people and even invited us for a great dinner at their home.
Otherwise I sincerely trust New Orleans is coming along strong. Royal Street I rate as my favourite street in the world. I often tell people to check out Windsor fine art on the computer, and all the fine art there! But if somebody knows how to contact Dave and Roslyn that would be great...With Love Ben, Angelika and Zeeahbella

David and Roselyn

David and Roselyn have been back in New Orleans for some time now. They were recently featured in Sidewalk Saints, a book about New Orleans street performers. You can get in touch with them through this address dayro (aht)

Jim Flynn

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