David Kunian

WWOZ Show Host David Kunian
WWOZ Show Host David Kunian

Music Genre(s): Contemporary Jazz, New Orleans, World

About David Kunian

Mr. Kunian programs the show "The Kitchen Sink" on Tuesday nights on WWOZ. 

His philosophy for radio is to take it from background music for the slavery of daily drudgery to foreground music for revolution of the mind and soul.  He plays all kinds of music on Tuesdays, and on Wednesdays, where he has been programming jazz in the wee hours for 15 years, he plays all jazz from Armstrong to the Art Ensemble, Barker to Parker to Miles to Ayler to Sun Ra.

Highlights over the years have included several interviews with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, the annual New Year's and Summer Solstice Shows featuring three hours of Sun Ra, the reading of the Declaration of Independence over recordings of the Star Spangled Banner around July 4th, and the annual celebration of James Booker's birthday on December 17, as well as other special shows that have been "reeellly reeelly beeeeg shows!" (to quote Ed Sullivan).