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Artist Title Album Play Time
Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band Tiger Rag The Complete Kid Ory Columbia Session 1946 2012-01-04 10:16am
Jack Maheau's Quartet Dinah My Inspiration 2012-01-04 10:09am
New Orleans Moonshiners Frenchmen Street Parade Frenchmen Street Parade 2012-01-04 10:05am
Dr. Michael White West African Strut Adventures in New Orleans Jazz, Part 1 2012-01-04 10:04am
count basie andduke ellington to you the count meets the duke 2012-01-04 9:59am
duke ellington and count basie325 one moo9re once the count meets the duke 2012-01-04 9:52am
johnny hartmaN tenderly BETHLEHEM SAMPLER 2012-01-04 9:50am
johnny hartman i'm glad there is you bethlehem sampler 2012-01-04 9:50am
nancy wilson time after time music for lovers 2012-01-04 9:49am
george benson since i fell for you guitar man 2012-01-04 9:49am
pharoah saqnders naima heart is a melody 2012-01-04 9:27am
terence blanchard tranform bounce 2012-01-04 9:22am
joe henderson happy reunjion blue note plays ellington and strayhorn 2012-01-04 9:08am
jimmy smith walk on the wild side masters of jazz 2012-01-04 8:54am
carmen mcrae in walked bud dream of life 2012-01-04 8:52am
phillip manuel sweet lorraine jazz the language of new orleans 2012-01-04 8:52am
barbara morrison don't let me lose this dream i know how to do it 2012-01-04 8:44am
steve nelson ariso sound effect 2012-01-04 8:37am
cecil payne lady nia scotch and milk 2012-01-04 8:20am
mamiko watanabe just making it mother earth 2012-01-04 8:14am