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Artist Title Album Play Time
3 Cohens Blues For Dandi's Orange Bull Chasing An Orange Sack Family 2012-07-25 4:14pm
Kenny Garrett Haynes Here Seeds from the Underground 2012-07-25 4:07pm
John Coltrane Welcome The Gentle Side Of John Coltrane 2012-07-25 4:01pm
Cyndi Lauper Wild Women Don't Have The Blues Memphis Blues 2012-07-25 3:59pm
Ann Rabson Gonna Stop You From Giving Me The Blues Music Makin' Mama 2012-07-25 3:51pm
Janiva Magness The Devil Is An Angel Too The Devil Is An Angel Too 2012-07-25 3:49pm
Janiva Magness I'm Alive Stronger For It 2012-07-25 3:44pm
Etta James I'd Rather Go Blind 20th Century Masters: the Millinium Collection 2012-07-25 3:40pm
Candye Kane Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed Superhero 2012-07-25 3:39pm
Rita Chairelli & The Inmate of Louisana State Prison These Four Walls Music From The Big House 2012-07-25 3:32pm
Rita Chairelli Midnight Special Music From The Big House 2012-07-25 3:29pm
Bradley's Circus Don't Kick A Gal That's Down Bang Bang Wa Wee 2012-07-25 3:25pm
Bonnie Bramlett Last Night I Dreamed Of New Orleans Forgotten But Not Gone 2012-07-25 3:22pm
Rooster Blues Concrete Blues Shed Soundtrack 2012-07-25 3:19pm
Eden Brent I Can't Seem To Lose This Memory Something Cool 2012-07-25 3:11pm
Carol Fran Need To Be Be'd With Louisiana Swamp Stomp 2012-07-25 3:01pm
Michael Vincent Liuzza Michael Vincent Liuzza in studio 2012-07-25 2:55pm
Bonnie Raitt Unnecessarily Mercenary Souls Alike 2012-07-25 2:37pm
Cee Cee James I Got A Right To Sing The Blues Blood Red Blues 2012-07-25 2:32pm
Janis Joplin Summertime Cheap Thrils 2012-07-25 2:28pm