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Artist Title Album Play Time
MADE IN JAPAN BUCK OWENS 2015-11-26 3:26pm
merle haggard i think ill just stay here and drink 2015-11-26 3:25pm
rolling stones Brown Sugar Brown Sugar 2015-11-26 3:17pm
the band king harvest 2015-11-26 3:13pm
neil young Harvest Moon 2015-11-26 3:07pm
elvis presley ito eats 2015-11-26 3:03pm
otis redding & carlos thomas bring it on home 2015-11-26 3:01pm
james brown mashed potatoes usa 2015-11-26 2:59pm
the kinks hot potatoes 2015-11-26 2:54pm
the byrds i am pilgrim sweetheart of the rodeo 2015-11-26 2:50pm
the coasters hongry 2015-11-26 2:47pm
bob dylan just like tom thumb's blues 2015-11-26 2:41pm
mary wells my heart is a clock 2015-11-26 2:38pm
ray charles & james taylor sweet potato pie 2015-11-26 2:34pm
shirelles thank you baby 2015-11-26 2:32pm
paul & linda mccartney eat at home 2015-11-26 2:28pm
deslondes Yum Yum 2015-11-26 2:26pm
sam cooke Sugar Dumpling 2015-11-26 2:24pm
van morrison glad tidings 2015-11-26 2:18pm
Joe Swift alligator meat 2015-11-26 2:15pm