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Artist Title Album Play Time
Big Charles Smith Scramblin 45 2015-07-02 9:44pm
Betty James I Like The Way You Walk 45 2015-07-02 9:41pm
Ike & Tina Turner Mojo Queen It's Gonna Work Out FIne 2015-07-02 9:29pm
The Starr's Crying Over You 45 2015-07-02 9:28pm
Eddie Bo Roamin Titus 45 2015-07-02 9:24pm
Lee Dorsey People Gonna Talk 45 2015-07-02 9:24pm
Blazer Boy That's Where it's At 45 2015-07-02 9:24pm
Jimmy James Swingin On Down the Line 45 2015-07-02 9:16pm
Ruth Brown Daddy Daddy Ruth Brown 2015-07-02 9:15pm
Ray Charles Nobody Cares Genius Sings the Blues 2015-07-02 9:13pm
Ray Charles I Believe To My Soul Genius SIngs the blues 2015-07-02 9:13pm
Al Prince and his Combo Rockin on Bandstand 45 2015-07-02 9:00pm
Cile Turner Crap Shootin Sinner 45 2015-07-02 8:58pm
dossie terry thunderbird 2015-07-02 8:57pm
Buddy Ace It Can't Be True 45 2015-07-02 8:57pm
Miss Lavell Stolen Love 45 2015-07-02 8:56pm
The Wetbacks Jose Jiminez pt. 2 45 2015-07-02 8:55pm
Spot Barnett Summertime 45 2015-07-02 8:48pm
Andre Williams Going Down to Tiajuana 45 2015-07-02 8:42pm
Brother Woodsman and the Chanters Watts 45 2015-07-02 8:39pm