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Artist Title Album Play Time
katy moffatt i can't be myself 2015-02-02 9:14pm
peppermint harris raining in my heart 2015-02-02 9:10pm
Faye Adams Witness to the Crime 2015-02-02 9:08pm
kerri simpson moses * 2015-02-02 9:04pm
wynn stewart man man mr. sandman 2015-02-02 9:02pm
kokomo arnold monday morning blues 2015-02-02 8:59pm
elmore james please find my baby 2015-02-02 8:54pm
asylum st. spankers wade in the water ** 2015-02-02 8:51pm
rockin' sidney she's my morning coffee 2015-02-02 8:49pm
right kind you oughta slow dance baby 2015-02-02 8:46pm
nanci griffith do re mi * 2015-02-02 8:43pm
muddy waters burying ground * 2015-02-02 8:40pm
tiny powell my time after awhile 2015-02-02 8:35pm
tommy collins mary don't you weep * 2015-02-02 8:33pm
david thomas if you're looking for a fool 2015-02-02 8:31pm
louis jordan how blue can you get * 2015-02-02 8:28pm
richard berry tell me why * 2015-02-02 8:26pm
jack ingram stuff that works 2015-02-02 8:21pm
jimmy grissom welcome home baby* 2015-02-02 8:17pm
lena horne love bug * 2015-02-02 8:15pm