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"The Squeezebox"

Summary: New Orleans Calling, Episode 7: "The Squeezebox"


Welcome to NEW ORLEANS CALLING, WWOZ's nationally syndicated program.  NEW ORLEANS CALLING airs on WWOZ 90.7 FM in New Orleans every Saturday morning from 7-8 am, and you can also listen online to recent episodes at!

This week we take a look at an instrument that might be old fashioned in much of the world -- but very much alive in New Orleans and Louisiana.  It's the accordion.  And you're going to be surprised by just how versatile and beautiful the accordion really is, with music by Bruce ‘Sunpie’ Barnes, Clifton Chenier, Johnny Sansone, Buckwheat Zydeco and many others.  

Every week on NEW ORLEANS CALLING, we provide additional material online to accompany each show, in case you're interested in finding out more... Sometimes it's going more in-depth, sometimes it's something cool we didn't have time to go into, and sometimes it's just plain fun.

Here's a list of interesting links and information about the stories and music in this week's show, "The Squeezebox."

Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes plays the accordion and six other instruments, has a degree in marine biology, played in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, and is a naturalist at the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park outside New Orleans.

Johnny Sansone is more than just an accordion and harmonica player -- he also cooks.  Here's his  recipe for White Bean and Cabbage Power Pot, from WWOZ"s cookbook, That Sounds Good!

Aurora Nealand  sings and plays saxophone, clarinet, and accordion with many different musical projects.  Here's a partial list::
Panorama Jazz Band
Panorama Brass Band
Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship
Aurora Nealand and the Royal Roses
Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers
The Monocle

Here's a video of Buckwheat Zydeco performing Bob Dylan's "On a Night Like This":

This is an excellent short video profile of Bruce Daigrepont, and you get to see a lot of his famous accordion:

Here's a video of highlights of the making of Lost Bayou Ramblers' latest album Mammoth Waltz, featuring Scarlett Johansson (yes, really, that Scarlett Johansson), Dr. John, Gordon Gano of Violent Femmes, and Nora Arnezeder:


(opening music bed: New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars - "Hartman Pick Up Your Accordion And Play")
Bruce 'Sunpie' Barnes - "Bunny Bread"
Panorama Jazz Band - "Don't Touch Me Tomato"
(music bed: Clifton Chenier - "Troubles Follow Me Everywhere")
Johnny Sansone - "Crescent City Moon"
Leigh Harris - "Incommunicado"
(music bed: Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses - "Si Tu Vois Ma Mere")
Aurora Nealand - "Bells" (live in her house)
(music bed: Chubby Carrier - "Squeeze Box")
(music bed: Clifton Chenier - "Accordion Boogie")
Clifton Chenier - "C.C. Special (Take #1)"
Buckwheat Zydeco - "On A Night Like This"
(music bed: The Lawtell Playboys - "Baby Please Don't Go")
Jeffery Broussard, The Creole Cowboys - "Return of the Creole (Instrumental)"
(music bed: Bruce Daigrepont - "Ossun Two Step")
Bruce Daigrepont - "Canray's Contra Dance"
Bruce Daigrepont - "I'm Not a Prisoner"
(music bed: Michot Brothers - "La valse de la m?che perdue")
Lost Bayou Ramblers - "Coteau Guidry"
(closing music bed: Sam Bros 5 - "I'm Coming Home")
Geno Delafose - "Chevaux Farouches (Wild Horses)"
3 Manisha - "Cafe Amelie" (bed)

NEW ORLEANS CALLING is a production of WWOZ, listener-supported community radio in the Crescent City.
Host, writer, editor, interviewer, audio engineer, intrepid field recorder, and co-producer is George Ingmire.
Dave Ankers is the producer.
Melanie Merz is the supervising producer.
Vocal tracks produced by Jorge Fuentes.
National distribution managed by Russell Shelton and Carmen Connor Post.
Web support by David Stafford.
Live tracks mixed by George Ingmire, Damond Jacob and Tony Guillory.
Executive Producer is WWOZ’s General Manager David Freedman.

Special thanks to:
Sally Young and Crystal Gross, for their voice talents;
WWOZ’s Dwayne Breashears, Scott Borne, Dee Lindsey, Lauren Del Rio, Leslie Molson, Beau Royster, and Maryse Dejean.
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