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"New Orleans All The Live: New Orleans, I'm Coming To You "
Part 1:

Part 2:

On this week's show we welcome Dayna Kurtz to the city, in her new and arguably ancestral home, while we enjoy a full hour of music recorded live at Chickie Wah Wah on Canal Street featuring guitarist Robert Mache. We also meet up with Dayna over a bottle of red wine to talk about everything from writing her first song to how different songs often demand different things out of her. With a nostalgic appreciation, she tells us about her influences dating back to the 40’s along with some found raiding her elder siblings’ record collections.

For a bonus web extra with Dayna and to hear about what brought her down to New Orleans, visit here

Dayna Kurtz - Reconsider Me from her latest album Secret Canon Volume 2:


Great video.

It is always amazing how different songs can require more of those who are performing than others. What's more is the fact that performers really do us all a great service when they allow us a glimpse into their world like this.

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