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We Are One

Sun, Nov 2, 2014
12:00pm - 4:00pm
November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month 
We Are One Social Aid & Pleasure Club (Kids) 
Parade Date: November 2, 2014 
Theme: "And The Children Shall Lead Them" 
Band: Most Wanted Brass Band Parade 
Formation Time: l2:00 Noon
Start Time:12:30 pm 
Start at 2717 General Taylor St.
Up General Taylor St. to Clara St.
Left on Clara St. down Clara St. to General Pershing St.
Left on General Pershing St. down General Pershing St. to S.Liberty St.
Left on S. Liberty
(STOP) 4223 S. Liberty St. 
Up S. Liberty St. to Louisiana Ave
Left on Louisiana Ave to Lasalle St.
Right on Lasalle St. up Lasalle St.
Turn into Simon Bolivar Ave to Jackson Ave
(STOP) The Grandkids (Chicken Mart)
Down Jackson Ave. to Oretha Castle Haley Blvd
Right on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. to Philip St.
Right On Philip St. to Danneel St. left on Danneel St.
Down Danneel St. to Louisiana Ave.
Right on Louisiana Ave.
(STOP) (VIP Kids) Sandpiper Lounge 2119 Louisiana Ave.
Up Louisiana Ave to Freret St. left on Freret St.
Up Freret St. to General Taylor St.
Right on General Taylor St.
(Disband) 2717 General Taylor St. 
The second leading cause of cancer death worldwide, almost one million people are diagnosed each year, and of these, approximately 700,000 will lose their lives® Stomach cancer and other organizations and people worldwide have come to recognize November, a month known for the pleasure of eating, as the ideal month to raise awareness about this deadly disease. There is a great deal of focus on food, nourishment and family at this time of year, and that can be challenging for people dealing with stomach cancer, and for those living without a stomach. For Further information please visit NoStomachForCancer.org 
Special Thanks To:
We Are One Original Members and Honorary Members, Uncle Lee, Cousin Tee, Nicole and Family, Joy, Maxine, Paulette, VIP Kids, Flard Head Hunters, Share Basket Foundation, Norman Dixon Foundation, N.O. Task Force, Action Jackson, Shelly "David" Wright, West Side Charters, NOPD, We Are One Kids Band- Most Wanted 


Jeneane Sanders of We Are One

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