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Dumaine Street Gang Parade

Sun, Dec 2, 2012
12:00pm - 4:00pm

King Benny Ransom       Queen Stephanie Hogans
TBC Brass Band                  Lil Stooges Brass Band

Dumaine Street Gang, Inc
and Ladies Auxiliery

Fifteenth Annual Parade
Sunday, December 2, 2012
Line up 11:30
Start 12:00 Noon

START: N. Villere and St. Phillip - CRAIG SCHOOL
Proceed up N. Villere Street to Dumaine Street, take a RIGHT. Continue up Dumaine Street to N. Robertson turn LEFT on N. Robertson to Kermit's  STOP SUDAN S&P Club.

Turn RIGHT on Orleans, Continue to Bocat's Lounge STOP OLD and NU STYLE.

Continue on Orleans Ave to Galvez, turn RIGHT Continue to Ursulines Street, Right on Ursulines to N. Claiborne Ave. STOP FAMILY TIES S&P CLUB.

Left on N. Claiborne to Esplanade, Turn RIGHT. Continue on Esplanade to N. Rampart, Turn LEFT and continue on St. Claude to Touro Ave - U-Turn. STOP BLACK MEN OF LABOR at Sweet Lorraine's.

Continue on St. Claude to St. Bernard RIGHT. Up St. Bernard to Marias STOP ALL NEW UNDEFEATED DIVAS AND GENTS at Justine's Next Stop Bar.

Continue up St. Bernar to A.P. Tureaud. Right on A.P. Tureaud to N. Dorgeoius. U-Turn to 2406 A.P. Tureaud STOP NINE TIMES S&P CLUB.

Continue on A.P. Tureaud N. Miro Right turn to Seal's Class Act STOP SEAL'S OUTREACH AND REVOLUTION S&P CLUB.

Left on St. Bernard. Continue on St. Bernard to N. Claiborne. RIGHT turn on N. Claiborne to St. Phillip. LEFT on St. Phillip to Craig School.
DISBAND: N. Villere and St. Phillip

Party Continues at New Edition Old School Lounge

2012 Big Shot: Morris Javers

Special Thanks
New Orleans Social Aid & Pleasure Club Task Force, Inc. Norman Dixon, Sr Annual Second Line Parade Fund; Festival Productions, Inc, Bocat Lounge, Lil People Lounge, Sid's Saloon, Justine's Next Stop Bar, Bailey's Place, Seal's Class Act, Hank's, New Orleans AEG Lines, Mardi Gras Digest and the New Edition Old School Lounge.


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