Brass Pass - This is How We Do Jazz Fest

2017 Brass Passes go on sale September 1!

2017 Brass Pass


A WWOZ Brass Pass is your ticket to all 7 days of Jazz Fest 2017, and comes with the following benefits:

  • Brass Passes allow you re-entry to Jazz Fest while regular Jazz Fest tickets do not.
  • Brass Passes are fully transferable. A different person can use the pass each day of the Fest.
  • Brass Passes grant you access to tables & chairs, shade, fruit, iced coffee, misters and separate bathrooms in the WWOZ VIP Tent. Plus you're likely to meet other 'OZ fans, show hosts and musicians in this cool oasis as well.
  • You'll also have access to WiFi and device recharging stations.
  • Your Brass Pass purchase comes with a full year's WWOZ membership and a portion of the proceeds go directly to the station so we can keep bringing the music and culture of New Orleans to the Universe.


Tent panorama

Panoramic view of the Hospitality Tent at Jazz Fest.



More Brass Pass Info:

Picking Up Your Brass Pass

How To Use Your Brass Pass


Hospitality Tent Photos

See what the Hospitality Tent from the inside with these photos:

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