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Documentary on Guitar Slim - the missing link between Robert Johnson and Jimi Hendrix

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In honor of the Ponderosa Stomp and the panel I am moderating about the great Eddie Jones






On Tuesday Night Sept 13, at either 10 or 11 PM (we haven't decided which time, but we will!)


The Vibration Conjurers of the Kitchen Sink will put on the 1 hour documentary:


The Things I Used To Do: The Life of Eddie "Guitar Slim" Jones!


“The Things I Used To Do: The Legend of Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones is an hour long radio documentary tracing the life of the rock ‘n’ roll/rhythm and blues guitarist, singer, and wildman Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones. Born in the Mississippi Delta in the 1920s, Slim moved to New Orleans in the early 50s where he recorded for several record companies including Specialty Records who put out his monster hit and American classic, “The Things I Used To Do.” Slim was famous for his eccentric habits, bright suits, overdriven guitar playing, impassioned singing, and a stage act that would have him playing on people’s shoulders, from the rafters, behind his head, and other outrageous antics. He toured the country for several years before his untimely death at age 32 in 1959. Slim was a pioneer in his use of distortion and volume as well as his outrageous stage performances. He has influenced everyone from Ray Charles to Buddy Guy to Stevie Ray Vaughn to Doug Sahm. This program includes much of Slim’s recorded music as well as recollections from Ray Charles, Jerry Wexler, Earl King, Edward “Kidd” Jordan, Robert Parker, Bill Sinigal, Carol Fran, Gerri Hall, Frank Mitchell, and Renault Richard.


The panel is Thursday, Sept 15, 2:45 PM at the Renaissance Arts Hotel, 700 Tchoupitoulas as part of the Ponderosa Stomp Conference - "celebrating the unsung heroes of American Music!"  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!



Anyway we can put this on the website with the ability to re-play it? What a gem. Thanks so much for playing this. Wish I could make it from Massachusetts for the Ponderosa Stomp.

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