Jobs at WWOZ

If you’re passionate about preserving and presenting our unique cultural heritage to a global audience, if you’re motivated by helping build a vital cultural community around the world to support New Orleans music, WWOZ is always looking for passionate and talented people to help the station grow and advance its mission.

Most station staff members began as volunteers and learned that they could fulfill their professional ambitions and do something they loved by working at WWOZ. Be sure to check out our Volunteer page to find out about volunteer opportunities.

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Current Openings

WWOZ Swamp Shop Administrator and Membership Associate
WWOZ Chief Operations Officer


 Job Title: WWOZ Swamp Shop Administrator and Membership Associate

The Swamp Shop Administrator and Membership Associate manages WWOZ’s retail merchandise operations. These include the physical WWOZ Swamp Shop, currently located within the Louisiana Music Factory at 421 Frenchmen Street, an online retail presence at and merchandising opportunities at the various cultural and music festivals where WWOZ has scheduled outreach presences throughout the year. This position’s main goal is to make the Swamp Shop as successful as possible, serve as a goodwill ambassador for WWOZ and also persuade those customers who are not yet annual philanthropic contributors to WWOZ to enroll as such. Toward that end, the Swamp Shop Administrator and Membership Associate will work with the Chief Development Officer and Membership Director to develop new merchandise items to increase inventory variety and customer interest. During the less busy months of the year (June through September) and as situations warrant, the Swamp Shop Administrator and Membership Associate may be called upon to support other development duties as assigned.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve as the main sales person and WWOZ public presence at the physical Swamp Shop inside the Louisiana Music Factory at 421 Frenchmen Street.
  • Handle day-to-day sales transactions and provide close of business accounting of daily credit card and cash transactions to the Chief Development Officer and Chief Financial Officer.
  • Recruit, schedule and manage part-time assistants and volunteers as warranted during busier months (October through May) and for special events.
  • Maintain—and refine as needed—ordering and inventory processes for the physical and online Swamp Shop. Track sales to determine most popular merchandise items. Research new merchandise items, test sales appeal and expand inventory within the limits of the merchandise budget.
  • Proactively and pleasantly engage with Louisiana Music Factory patrons who express interest or curiosity about the Swamp Shop and its merchandise. Promote the merchandise.
  • In addition, conduct assertive appeals to customers/patrons to become annual contributors to WWOZ if they reveal that they listen to and value the station but are not yet supporters. Promote listening to WWOZ—on the air while in town and online upon returning to their out of town homes—to customers/patrons when they indicate that they are not familiar with the station.
  • Work with the WWOZ Membership Director to fold inventory of discontinued contributor-related premiums into Swamp Shop merchandise inventory.
  • Help reconcile the earnings records to the CFO’s overall financial accounting reports and work with CFO to ensure proper accounting and internal controls, including inventory.
  • Depending on capacity, other duties as assigned by CDO or Membership Director.
  • Set up merchandising tent and table at off-site indoor and outdoor special events (e.g., music festivals and WWOZ fundraising events) in the New Orleans area, as requested.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities – Additional Information

The Swamp Shop’s current location results from a valuable and long-standing partnership between WWOZ and the Louisiana Music Factory (LMF). The Swamp Shop Administrator and Membership Associate will seek ways to work in concert with LMF staff and management. Patrons and customers don’t necessarily make a distinction between one retail outlet and the other, since the Swamp Shop is located within the LMF. Every opportunity to provide good customer service to patrons and customers making inquiries about LMF sales items should be acted upon.

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree preferred.

Experience Requirements

A minimum of 5 years’ experience in retail with some online retail experience or equivalent.

Core Competencies

  • Sales goal orientation—ability to work toward reaching or exceeding specific daily dollar sales targets.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills—strong face-to-face verbal communication.
  • Familiarity and facility with maintaining, refining and creating systems that support a net revenue successful retail operation, such as ordering merchandise, maintaining accurate and updated weekly inventory, completing check requests for vendors’ invoices and administrating online retail transactions, order fulfillment and reporting on sales activities.
  • The creativity and imagination—supported by data-driven analysis—to find and market new merchandise items that profitably expand those items the Swamp Shop currently offers.
  • Light tech proficiency—able to quickly learn user-friendly technical tools that support physical and online retail transactions, such as Square Register, Shopify and similar point of sales and ecommerce applications.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to use MS Word, Excel and quickly learn other proprietary database programs.
  • Skilled at creating financial reports based on physical and online sales for the purpose of tracking net positive success of Swamp Shop operations on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Ability to spend seven to eight hours on your feet. Ability to move boxes up to 25 to 45 pounds.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and own a functioning vehicle, as travel and transportation of merchandise to special outreach events at festivals is required. Weekly travel from Swamp Shop to off-site inventory storage facility in New Orleans Parish.


  • Outgoing, eager to connect with people and share in their appreciation of WWOZ and New Orleans’ unique musical culture and heritage. Eager to introduce people unfamiliar with WWOZ to its programming and its special connection with New Orleans culture.
  • Good customer service oriented attitude, attentive not only to engaged customers but also curious passers-by.
  • Self-starter, self-motivated.
  • Ability to seek solutions both independently and within a team environment as situations dictate.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

To Apply

Please send a cover letter, resume, and at least three professional references to using the subject line “Swamp Shop Position.” The deadline to apply is Friday, August 14, 2015.


Job title: WWOZ Chief Operations Officer

Position: Full-time exempt

The Organization

WWOZ seeks a Chief Operations Officer (COO) to usher in a new phase of organizational rigor and continued audience expansion to a time-honored institution that has grown quickly in the most recent phase of its 35-year existence (including an annual operating budget that has nearly doubled in the last ten years). This iconoclastic public media service stands poised to take strategic advantage of vast potential. The ideal candidate will possess the leadership skills and attributes to grow audiences and diversify services while keeping the station true to its core service model – to provide, protect and celebrate the American roots music associated with the Crescent City.

On the terrestrial broadcast front, WWOZ has doubled the reach of – and potential broadcast audience for – its signal in the past six months by increasing in transmitter strength from 4,000 watts to 100,000 watts. The station has expanded its signal north and east of Lake Pontchartrain into Louisiana’s Northshore region, east into southern Alabama and Mississippi, and further south into the Louisiana delta.

Beyond broadcasting, WWOZ was one of public radio’s earliest adopters of online streaming. Currently, WWOZ serves 30,000 unique weekly listeners via its website and other digital platforms. More than 110,000 people have downloaded WWOZ’s mobile app. About 50 percent of WWOZ’s active supporting donors live outside of the terrestrial broadcast signal’s footprint.

WWOZ is a cherished cultural institution and resource at the heart of a resilient and vibrant New Orleans music scene. The station has one foot solidly in the best of community radio broadcasting tradition and another foot in radio’s digital destiny. In other words, WWOZ is committed to and actively pursuing advancing in the digital arena while optimizing the potential of our terrestrial broadcast signal.

The ideal candidate will have the ability to bring best practices, data-driven decision-making and increased departmental accountability to WWOZ while having the sensitivity to balance and blend that orientation with WWOZ’s relationship with its volunteers and community of New Orleans musicians and cultural shareholders who have always been and remain the institution’s most vital asset.

The Chief Operations Officer (COO) will report directly to WWOZ’s General Manager. The COO will be directly responsible for maintaining and advancing the overall sound, direction and health of WWOZ in both its broadcast and digital delivery manifestations. Digital services, engineering, programming, a nascent video services department, and volunteer relations will report directly to the COO. Lateral to the COO in WWOZ’s organizational structure will be a newly-hired Chief Development Officer as well as an established Chief Financial Officer. Ability to work effectively in tandem with these other two “C” level positions will be essential for the COO to advance WWOZ’s mission and growth.

WWOZ is a community public radio station powered by a unique and valued interaction between a full-time staff of 18 and a pool of 500 dedicated volunteers, 70 of whom contribute their time as the station’s on-air show hosts in coordination with paid staff in WWOZ’s programming department. Our mission is to serve listeners in greater New Orleans, the nation, and around the globe as the authentic voice, archivist and flag-bearer of New Orleans culture and musical heritage.

WWOZ is located in the French Quarter, the heart of New Orleans, in the midst of the music, musicians and culture that inspire its work. A volunteer-powered, listener-supported, community public radio station, the station covers many events live in and around the city and across the globe. WWOZ’s broadcast license is held by the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, resulting in a close relationship with both the foundation and the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, widely known as “Jazz Fest.”

Departmental Duties

Determine strategic course, create and manage budgets, set goals and maintain staff accountability for all departments/staff with a direct reporting line to the COO position. These include digital services, engineering, programming, video services and volunteer relations.

Specific Examples of Departmental Duties

  • Lead the programming department to grow audience, increase time spent listening and deepen listeners’ sense of WWOZ’s institutional value in the New Orleans metro market. Begin to accomplish the same in the recently expanded reach of the terrestrial signal (e.g., Northshore cities such as Slidell, Hammond, Mandeville, and Covington).
  • Lead the digital services department to grow audience and increase engagement with listeners who consume WWOZ from delivery systems outside the terrestrial broadcast signal (online streaming, WWOZ mobile apps, etc.)
  • Continue to grow the digital services department so that the most efficient and effective practices of both digital content and digital infrastructure are established and advanced.
  • Grow the nascent video services department so WWOZ can maximize the value of archived and ongoing acquired video content.
  • Work with engineering and operations to bring greater efficiencies and efficacy to established activities and take advantage of emerging opportunities.
  • Work with volunteer coordinator to strengthen and grow the program, including an internship program.

General Duties

  • Lead development of local, national and internationally directed programs, while keeping in mind the many cultural communities and geographic audiences served.
  • Work closely with General Manager. Translate the General Manager’s institutional vision into operational, net positive operations.
  • Assess ongoing operations and new entrepreneurial opportunities in terms of mission-fit and ROI. Establish processes whereby potential initiatives, projects, and opportunities are examined, analyzed, shared with staff, and brought to a “greenlight” or “no go” point.
  • Create, implement, maintain, measure and steadily improve station wide protocols and systems for prioritizing activities, information sharing, and communication with all staff.
  • Provide detailed information and support the General Manager in maintaining a positive relationship with WWOZ’s Board of Directors, a governance body consisting of appointees of the Board of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Foundation, WWOZ’s license holder, and Community Board Members.
  • Oversee and maintain communication and compliance with all regulatory entities, including the Federal Communications Commission, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and any Louisiana, state by state and/or Federal regulatory entities involved in WWOZ’s streaming presence in the United States and internationally.
  • Lead, manage and maintain the vital relationship WWOZ has with its corps of volunteer content curators and community representatives.


This position reports directly to the General Manager of WWOZ, performs independently within departmental policies and procedures, and directly oversees six WWOZ employees.

Essential Experience

  • Five to ten years leading and managing multiple departments’ personnel through department heads with a multi-million dollar annual operating budget.
  • Five to ten years creating and managing departmental and discrete project budgets.
  • Familiarity with public radio, ideally community public radio, or equivalent experience with a similar non-profit organization.
  • Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of seven years of experience in development for non-profits or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to work and thrive in a community with vibrantly deep and unique cultural traditions and norms.

Desired attributes

  • A passion for the potential of community public radio.
  • A commitment to cultural diversity and an ability to motivate a diverse group of employees.
  • Knowledge of or ability to quickly internalize an understanding, appreciation and respect for the unique cultural dimensions of the authentic New Orleans.
  • The same kind of orientation, energy, and inventiveness that a COO would bring to a start-up operation.
  • Knowledgeable about cutting edge digital platform best practices, business models and opportunities.
  • Enthusiasm for and ability to effectively manage multiple priorities and projects.
  • Ability to work effectively with constituents, external shareholders – particularly station volunteers – through influence rather than authority.
  • Flexibility and a healthy balance of the aspirational with the pragmatic.

Working Conditions

The Chief Operations Officer will work from the WWOZ headquarters located in New Orleans.


An undergraduate degree is required. A postgraduate degree is preferred.


WWOZ offers a competitive pay and benefits plan commensurate with experience.

To Apply

Please send a detailed cover letter, resume, and references to:

Friends of WWOZ Inc.
PO Box 51840
New Orleans, LA 70151-1840
RE: Chief Operations Officer Position

Or by email to:

WWOZ is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer of women, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with physical disabilities and encourages applications from these and other protected group members.