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Artist Title Album Play Time
Jack Brass Band there goes my baby For Your Body 2014-10-24 7:33am
Wes Montgomery Bumpin Bumpin` 2014-10-24 7:25am
Jane Bunnett New Angel and Maqueque 2014-10-24 7:17am
Hiromi If... Brain 2014-10-24 7:13am
Hiromi Life Goes On Alive 2014-10-24 7:06am
Laura Nyro Timer Eli and the Thirteenth Confession 2014-10-24 7:00am
Art Pepper You Go To My Head Jazz Profile 2014-10-24 6:54am
Abby Diamond Jessica mp3 from the artist 2014-10-24 6:48am
Gerry Mulligan Blue Boy Jeru [Enhanced] 2014-10-24 6:42am
Mimi Jones - To Be Balance 2014-10-24 6:39am
Stan Getz Samba Triste Bossa Nova 2014-10-24 6:33am
Lee Morgan Ca-Lee-So Delightfulee Morgan 2014-10-24 6:28am
Sonny Rollins Just In Time 2014-10-24 6:18am
Laura Nyro Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp Christmas and the Beads of Sweat 2014-10-24 6:12am
Benny Green Learnin' The Blues Naturally 2014-10-24 6:08am
Roger Wolfe Kahn and his Orchestra She's A Great, Great, Girl 2014-10-24 3:01am
Joe Boogie Woogie Rag 2014-10-24 2:57am
Stuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys Here Comes the Man with the Jive Stuff Smith 1936-1939 2014-10-24 2:56am
Ella Fitzgerald Clap Yo' Hands Ella Fitzgerald - Gershwin Songbook 2014-10-24 2:50am
Roger Wolfe Kahn Clap Yo' Hands 1925-1932 2014-10-24 2:48am