"Boogie at Midnight "


BJ's Lounge. Photo by Melanie Merz.
BJ's Lounge. Photo by Melanie Merz.
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This week's show explores the connection between 1950's Rock and Roll and it's influence on today's local musicians. We take you down in the far side of the Bywater neighborhood, to a windowless bar known as BJ's Lounge where on Monday nights, you can find King James and the Special Men reviving the sound of ol' New Orleans rock and roll. While you're dancin' to their sweet sounds and covers of Roy Brown your nose buds will take you straight to the side of the band where homemade red beans are waiting to be served. 

In the second half, we take a closer look at this Monday night tradition and hear from lead singer Jimmy Horn about what makes his red beans so special. We also hear from Southern Rock troubadour Grayson Capps and the Lost Cause Minstrels on a recording live at French Quarter Fest 2012.


In case you missed Jimmy Horn's description of how he prepares his red beans on air, here's the recap:

"A step in bean making that  a lot of folks skip nowadays is the sofrito. These beans have been cooking already, alright, for probably about three hours. Slow! Not a hard boil. Bring em to a hard, then bring it right back down. Slow cook 'em for maybe six and a half hours. Not until they get tender do I put my seasoning. I got my smoked meat, my neck bones, and my bay leaves. That's it. Then over here I've got some rendered bacon fat, some sausage. A traditional mirepoix is celery, carrots and onions. Then over here it got turned with the mixture of the Spanish, they use the green pepper instead of the celery, and they don't use the carrots, they use parsley. But it's still just an aromatic base with garlic and onions. In New Orleans they call it The Trinity. They lost the word sofrito, or mirepoix. The Spanish called it sofrito. The bottom line is you cook you onions and you render your meat. If you look at a Camellia beans wrapper, it tells you right on there "render your meat!" and then cook your beans in the fat."


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