Photo of Paul Sanchez by David Stafford.
Photo of Paul Sanchez by David Stafford.
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On this week’s program we explore the musical haunts of New Orleans with Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Grayson Capps, John Mooney, Paul Sanchez & The Rolling Road Show and others.

This week’s Culinary Crossroads takes us to the historic Columns Hotel on St. Charles Avenue for a Bloody Mary with enough kick to haul anyone from the brink of death firmly back to the side of the living.

Along the way, we’ll also visit Cree McCree, a local costume designer, for a lesson in her signature style: Halloween Cocktail Couture. Her best tip for self-fashioning costumers? "Don't wait until the last minute, and keep it simple! A Halloween costume doesn't need to be elaborage. The main thing is that it transforms you, that you feel transformed when you walk out the door."

Take a look at some of this season's Cree-ations!

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