Cuttin' Class at WWOZ with the Joseph S. Clark Brass Band


Joseph S Clark Brass Band
Joseph S Clark Brass Band: Eugene Grant (trumpet), WWOZ's Russell Shelton, Ravon Andrews (trombone), bandleader Joe Franklin (tuba), assistant bandleader Steven Carter (tuba), Revert Powell (trumpet) Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee.
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The Joseph S. Clark Brass Band plays live in the WWOZ Studio.

For over 30 years WWOZ has put New Orleans music, past and present, on the airwaves. Now we are looking to the future by showcasing Nola's newest crop of young musicians. Together with Coventry and Aetna, WWOZ is thrilled to present Cuttin' Class - a series of live in-studio performances by middle and high school age students from the Greater New Orleans area.

Each Cuttin' Class presentation brings young Nola musicians to the studio to give them the chance to perform on live radio. Our show hosts sit down with the band leaders to talk about the band, what it's like to be young musician, and about the music education opportunities in New Orleans. The future is in our hands, and we want to give it all the encouragement and support we can. The schools and organizations bringing bands to Cuttin' Class are doing just that: making sure that New Orleans music is a passed on down through the generations.

Please tune in, sit back, and be in awe of our city's musical heritage that has inspired such incredible music from such young folks. And get excited - because future is bright!

Check out the photos below from recent Cuttin' Class presentations.


Joseph S Clark Brass Band


Ravon Andrews (trombone), Eric Terro (snare), Revert Powell (kneeling, trumpet), Joe Franklin (tuba), Jude Braud (snare), Eugene Grant (trumpet) Shawn Tennessee (bass drum), Henry Malancon (bass drum), Steven Carter (tuba).


Joseph S Clark Brass Band


Joseph S Clark Brass Band

Photos by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee

More shots of Cuttin' Class with students from the Joseph S Clark Brass Band:

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