Free Workshop: Ruby 101: Coding Made Easy

Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 5:00pm
Loyola University
6363 St Charles Ave
Miller Hall, Room 114
New Orleans, LA 70118
Have you ever wanted to hack a main frame? Yes? Well that's actually really, really difficult to do (some could say impossible) but we CAN help you feel like a hacker, and honestly isn't that good enough. Join Tech Talent South as we teach you the fundamentals of coding using our favorite coding language, Ruby! We'll cover the basics behind Ruby and have you build out some fun terminal games that will have you feeling like the techie version of James Bond (spoiler alert: way, way cooler than Spy James Bond). In this beginner focused three hour workshop, attendees will learn the basics behind Ruby (and also the basics behind coding in general). RSVP:

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