Delta Bus-Warming Party

Friday, October 13, 2017 - 5:30pm
625 Third St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
We'd love it if you could join us for Delta Collaborative's Bus-Warming/Book Drive Party! There will be live music and a kids story time. Bring the whole family if you can! We built this library to support our outreach to predominantly conservative, white, working-class communities in Southeastern Louisiana. We believe that books are a fantastic way to build empathy and to breach controversial topics--but we didn't come here to preach or teach, we came here to engage and talk, to learn about the struggles, the lives, and the passions of conservative communities. By trying to find ways to understand each other, we might be able to find common ground on highly politicized issues that affect us all, such as environmental pollution, economic decay, racism, and coastal elitism. ***ACTIVITIES*** --Come get a tour of the bus! --Find your favorite book, and bring it up to our craft-station, where you can write (or draw) your endorsement of the book on a slip of paper that we'll use to feature your favorite book out in the field! --DJ Choolie playing eclectic tunes all night long. --6pm: Story time for kids and families! --6:30pm: Live music by Micah McKee! --7pm: Toast and cake cutting! We need about 400 more books to get our shelves filled up, and we'd love your help. We are looking for all genres of books, but we're in particular need of more children, young-adult, and local adult-fiction. Come on by between 5:30 and 8:30pm on Friday the 13th! We'll have cheap beer and original art for sale, fun music, and even a children's story-telling time. Bring your neighbors, bring your friends, bring your dogs! (And perhaps bring a chair if you can)

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