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What Does WWOZ Mean to You?

WWOZ artworkWhy do you listen to WWOZ?  What does WWOZ mean to you? Why are you a  WWOZ member?  Why are you a WWOZ volunteer? Why is it important to support WWOZ?

Share your thoughts with the WWOZ community by adding a comment below. Our forum rules apply to these posts.


2009spring drive

another oppertunity to offer support to an organization that provides the lifebeat of culture to the world.....thanks for all the expertise thats exhibited 24hours a day at wwoz.

WWOZ in Sweden


I listen to WWOZ a lot, mostly the blues shows.
Guess "The Problem Child" is my favorite.
But I also love Music from The Glen and many other shows. Because of the
seven hour time difference I miss a lot of shows that are broadcast in the
evenings, New Orleans time, because at that time I'm sound asleep in bed.

The reason I'm writing on this particular night is probably that I, during
my first and only (so far) visit to the Crescent City, in February 2002,
had the honor to see Snooks Eaglin perform at Dos Jefes. And now he's
I only spent a few days in your town, but totally fell in love with it!

Another coincidence is that my sister's son's father is from New Orleans.
It's sort of complicated ...

Anyway, I really love WWOZ. It's surely the best music radio station in
the world, to my mind.

Take care, y'all!

Stockholm, Sweden

What Does WWOZ Mean to You?

WWOZ is my Crescent City "Home away from home". It keeps me in touch with the city and it's music, and it's one of my ways to show love and support for all my friends and fellow musicians in the Big Easy.

King Gypsy

life line for the expat...

great question; hard for an expat new orleanian to answer because it begs the question 'why aren't you home?' but the truth is that new orleans is always with you (even if you are 'borrowing' some other city to lay your head in) because the spirit of the place is in the food i still cook and the music i still listen to as much as it is in the river silt and the oak trees ... and wwoz takes and brings me back every time i cook because the web stream goes on before the roux gets made!

Listening from Folly Beach, SC

During graduate school at LSU, I sometimes took the drive down to New Orleans. I found a city of enchantment- from riding the St. Charles street car to eating fried chicken at the Hummingbird Grill or listing to music at the Funky Butt. I never stayed more than a day (or night), knowing the City held strong seductive powers. I feared New Orleans would swallow me, meaning I'd never return to my home on Folly Beach (which may have turned out just fine).

Thanks to WWOZ, I still get to taste the seductive flavors of New Orleans and South Louisiana, across the web and from a safe distance here on Folly Beach, SC.
Two years in Louisiana made it all part of my blood forever.
Thank you.

ps- My Grandfather and his first cousin, at age 16, ran away from South Alabama to New Orleans in the 1920s. Imagine the city he found.


WWOZ is and has been such an intregal part of my life for so many years, I can't imagine not supporting it. All the great jazz and blues makes my day go by faster and makes me feel connected to the community. I especially enjoy George Ingmire's show. He plays many of the local bands I know and see on a regular basis that are not given air time on any other show, like Rotary Downs, Happy Talk Band, Zydepunks, The New Orleans Bingo! Show and Morning 40 Federation, to name a few. Keep guarding the Groove, George, as well as all you fine ladies and gentlemen!

Why I love WWOZ

I love WWOZ because it connects me with the City I love even when I'm not there, because it actually makes me feel as if I was there, even though I might be on the other side of the continent, longing to go back, because WWOZ's special people really do care about New Orleans, the music, the culture and everyone out there doing the same, and because WWOZ's music keeps me going during a rough day at work or a nightshift that just needs to be done. No idea how I would without WWOZ. I especially love listening to the Midnight Creeper's blues selection, the Kitchen Sink, and the Sunday Cajun/Zydeco selection. These guys are fantastic and deserve a place in the Hall of Fame! They are keeping the music coming no matter what and how! Just my "two cents," but I'm sure they're supported by many, many people around the globe. Someone (wish I could remember who) said that "People leave their hearts in San Francisco, but their souls belong to New Orleans." This is very true for me, and WWOZ keeps my soul alive while my body is somewhere else. Much luv' from one of your biggest fans, currently located in California.

fall 2008 fund drive

wwoz fills the soul with life, the expertise of the djs — most who are actual working\practicing musicians if not multi-generational working musicians — brings so much historical\factual data to the listeners that you cannot get elsewhere, but have always longed for, why?............they are the professional's professional. i've listened daily for 6 years now and been a contributing member for 4 i believe.......thanks for all you do for us out here on the inet

What WWOZ means to me.

When I was 14, my family stayed in New Orleans, and I fell in love with the city. I found WWOZ while working for a internet provider several years ago, and it this radio station that keeps my interest and love for the city alive. I have tried to give over the years and regret that my financial situation prevents me from giving this year, but I will always listen and contribute when I can.

WWOZ wrote a book

My Name is Umberto, Sulpasso
I am a writer
I live in italy
I lived in california
I travelled throughout India, Europe, South America and asia
I lived in New York City
I love music
I love obama
I love to see a black little girl sitting in the white house and call daddy the President
USA President, Our President
White House?
Why white?
Like Preservation hall
Hall of everybody
From Nov. 4th on
The White House
House of everybody
The Jackson Square
Everybody Square
Biggest step forword for the humanity then getting to the moon
That’s why I wrote America is not Bush
That is coming in the bookstore on Monday
And when I was thinking of writing that book
I listened to the WWOZ radio
As they could say . . . morning, noon and night
24 hours WWOZ
I love music
I love Jazz
I love WWOZ the best jazz station of the world
And when i wrote America is not Bush
WWOZ cheered me up
WWOZ gave me Energy
24 hrs a day SHE was always there
whenever i needed
whenever i was tired
whenever i needed Energy, fun, inspiration
WWOZ 24 hours a day
and now that “American is not Bush is finished?”
I want to gift the sales of the English version of this book
From monday to November the 4th
to Barack Obama campaign AND to WWOZ
I don’t know why but I will do it
I wrote that book
But the Authors were Barack and WWOZ
Thanx them both
From monday to November the 4th
I want to gift the sales of the English version of this book
to Barack Obama campaign AND to WWOZ
Who can tell me how to do it?
Any idea?
I don’t know how but
But if you help me
I will find a way
Thanx Barack
Thanx WWOZ

excellent consumer response!!!!!!!!! Great Job! Thanks

Rebecca Campbell, we have attended Jazz Fest for years, 1983 to present, and always enjoy the music the folks and the great vibe. Thanks so much for everything you do. It blew us away that within minutes of subscribing we were thanked live on the radio — you're really staying the course. Keep up the good work.

re: A poem

Want to share a poem written by my 15 year old daughter, Arielle.
She visited New Orleans only three times but really picked up on the essence of this special city. Our family settled in New Orleans in the late 1800's and our last local relative passed away a few years ago ::: I think the city is in our DNA!

Hope you enjoy the poem.

Ode To New Orleans: by Arielle Hoachuck

The sweet aroma
Of powdered sugar
and deep fried beignettes
hung in the air.
The bustling crowd
creating cosmic waves
on Bourbon Street.
Soft melodies
floated from saxophones.
When the fingers of the
French Quarter
touched my shoulders
I knew I was home.
Summers spend summer days
lazily leaning on statues
placed around Jackson square.
Damp from the humidity
Cooling my tongue from
lip burning crayfish
with sugary pralines.
When sharp notes drifting from Preservation Hall licked my ears
I knew I was home.


nawlin galaxie


I'm Ben from France. I'm back in the Old Continent after an amazing year with you guys in the crescent city. I listen to WWOZ in the morning before going to work when the party is on somewhere between the Maple Leaf and Tipitinas!! Thank you Mister Jetlag!
I miss you all very much. all the people here are very hungry about the idea of knowing the new orleans spirit. OZ is the best start by far!

thank you for being yourselves! and special thanks to Germaine Bazzle. your voice makes me high (sorry if it's not appropriate)!!!

vous déchirez les gars!!! (you rock guys)

all in the same bubble

Refugee Blues, or How and Why I Got Joined Up

It's 7:07 AM in the suburbs of Washington, DC — an hour later than you all down there in the Big Easy . . . and it feels like time itself must go by at a more leisurely pace where you are. Maybe that's just the effect of the jaunty riffs of the Ellis Marsalis Quartet coming through my dinky Dell speakers, coupled with the colorful stoner patterns swirling to the beat on my Windows Media Player. Mesmerizing. . . .

I'm asked to say why I joined WWOZ. Well, it's a bit of a story — literally. A screenplay, to be precise. In its infancy, it was simply a story of a woman singer, trying to put her life together after a devastating act of violence. Then Katrina happened. I watched, in a way from the outside because I didn't have loved ones down there, but also connected — as I think many Americans were — because you are my countrymen and women, and it was heart-tearing to see the obliteration, chaos, and continued suffering.
Reading an article in the Washington Post one day nearly a year post-Katrina, about the struggles of New Orleans musicians to regain their livelihoods, I decided my heroine should live in New Orleans--to have lost her home and long to return, to feel the loss, the need, the call so many musicians have felt to come home and be part of the resurrection.

Enter WWOZ. I think it was a simple Google search: New Orleans musicians. Up popped the bright, friendly homepage, "WWOZ, dedicated to bringing New Orleans music to the Universe." Hey, that's me, I thought. And no — really? You fellers livestream? I was there in an instant: Dr. John, and Eddie Bo, and Irma and Cyril and Buckwheat Zydeco and Bo Dollis, and, and, and . . . the groove grabbed me and I was thrilled to be grabbed.

Months passed, fingers tapping keys as the music played, and musicians streamed through the studio to shoot the breeze, plug their gigs and new releases, and talk deeply about life after the levees broke. Station DJs, a uniformly well-informed bunch, kept us connected. "George wants some love," George intoned one day through my speakers. I shot out a fan letter. Five minutes later I heard "Wendy from Silver Spring Maryland says hi" go out to all New Orleans.

Indeed I do say hi, and one day I will do more than that: I will shepherd my story, which feels like it has grown into your story in many ways, to production down in the great city itself — enriched immeasurably by the efforts of this radio station to educate, preserve, entertain, and enlighten.

To join as a member feels like so much more than gratitude. It feels like love. And now, I can say, I too have loved ones in New Orleans. NOLA wizards of music, guardians of the groove, play on.

Wendy Anderson
Silver Spring, MD
October 4, 2008

Hello from NY

Darling 504

Just thought I'd say "Hello" and that I loved you comment... I appreciate anyone who is as much in love with my hometown as I am.... especially out-of-towners!

Do you live far from Colesville Road in MD., by the way?


Russell from The Bronx...?

Darling 504

I noticed a comment from a guy named "Russell' from The Bronx, NY, and was wondering where he is.... I'd like to reach out to him, seein gas we both live in the same borough.

As I type this, I'm listening to 'OZ online at the job!!

Party on Yawl!!

Thanks, WWOZ

WWOZ is my year round connection to a city and a unique culture I love. New Orleans is the focal point of our nation's history and diverse culture, and the music that defines us as a unique people. Maybe more important, it is just a damn fine place to spend time, and when I'm not there, I'm listening to WWOZ.

It was my belief that keeping the music alive would be the key to New Orleans' recovery from Katrina, and that's why I took time off to come down and help gut homes of displaced musicians after the flooding.

All across this country, we New Orleans lovers are breathing a sigh of relief after the close call with Gustav. Thank you, WWOZ, for keeping the music alive, especially these past 3 years.

Bellingham, WA

Reminiszing in fall...

Hello, my name is Helmut listening to your program in Berlin, Germany.

Since I have been to the first Jazzfest after Katrina in 2006, I am a total fan of NO-music and try to catch every concert of NO-musicians in Berlin and have already seen Joe Krown and Allen Toussaint twice (not together) in my hometown and was delighted. In August, the Pfister Sisters had a two-weeks-stay here, where I could show them fotos I took at their gig at the Parkway Bakery & Tavern.

Every time I want to hear fresh music from the Crescent City, I tune in WWOZ by internet-stream. I left a piece of my heart in New Orleans. Long may you live and laissez les bonnes temps roulez!

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