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What Does WWOZ Mean to You?

WWOZ artworkWhy do you listen to WWOZ?  What does WWOZ mean to you? Why are you a  WWOZ member?  Why are you a WWOZ volunteer? Why is it important to support WWOZ?

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Why do you listen to

Why do you listen to WWOZ?
Robbie Zimmerman told me about OZ when I was rereading "Chronicles" maybe 2 years ago and I thought "I wonder if that station has a web feed?" and found the greatest radio station of all time. Wife and I listen almost round the clock. When I bought Hazel's CD for my wife I sent the insert and she autographed it and when I realizedf a lifelong dream and went to NOLA we "ambushed" her outside the station on Sunday morning to get a photo of her with the wife. I think we initially scared her we were so excited. Cousin Dimitri is the greatest thing to hit the airwaves since Zacherle and Allison Steele (NY, 60's).

Mike and Gloria, Tampa (we don't go "down" to New Orleans, we go "Up")

WWOZ is just the best!

I was going to write a big history of my love affair with New Orleans and WWOZ, but really, it's all about everyone else in the future's love affairs with NOLA and OZ.

WWOZ plays the greatest music on the planet. There is nothing that is as consistently excellent. Donate and keep WWOZ playing music that demands to be heard.

- Greg F., Sunnyvale, CA, formerly of Raceland, LA

Found a great station!

I don't remember how I found WWOZ on the Internet. When I was 16 I stayed in your great city for a few days and fell in love with the music, food and people. That was 45 years ago and I have been a fan of jazz as well as other good music.

It's great to find a station that is commercial free and to be able to listen all the way up here in Northern New York about 1/2 hour from Canada and to listen to music from a great city I will always have special place in my heart for.


I moved to New Orleans in 1971, and though I live in Gonzales now, I still like New Orleans, because it is unlike any other city in the US. Multi cultural, and that comes out in the music. I also don't like commercial radio because its the same thing over and over. I'm glad I can help in a small way to keep the music going.

Why I just LOVE OZ

When you listen to commercial radio and hear the same thing over and over AND over gain,it's easy to love a staion like OZ.The thing about that comment is,there IS no other like OZ.In addition,OZ shares some REALLY GREAT music that I would never have known existed had I listened anywhere else.With that I'm caught like a fish....
Ceasar Elloie

The Wonderful Music of New Orleans

I recently joined wwoz to show my support for all the wonderful music and musicians in New Orleans. I also hope to support all the local street musicians who provide beautiful sounds in perpetuation of the rich, cultural tapestry that makes the Crescent City so unique.

Thank you for keeping the music alive and keep up the good work!


New to OZ

I just found WWOZ on the net and I am loving it! I'm from Chicago and have been a very frequesnt visitor to New Orleans since the 80's. I havent been there since Dec 04 and am missing it much. OZ bring the music and people of New Orleans to me. Like New Orleans, there isnt anything I dont like about OZ. I consider New Orleans a second home, and I hope all is well for the wonderful people and their city! April is the soonest I can get down there so until then I'll rely on OZ! Much love from Chicago

My Baby...

Darling 504

Heard on 'OZ: "My Baby Don't Wear No Drawers" Lawd! -- What a trip hearing that was. Even my NYC co-worker stopped what he was doing, looked up at me and asked: "Did he say what I THOUGHT I HEARD?!?" I said: "Damn Skippy - that's us New Orleans, Baby!"

What a hoot!!

'OZ is supposed to be a station OF the People...BY the People...

...which is what makes this comment on the home page --"I love the Brass Pass because I can sit in the nice, cool Hospitality Tent and wave to my friends as they pass by in the heat" -- REPUGNANT.

Are you sayin, sir, that because YOU can afford a brass pass that you are better than me...?

Listening in Asheville, NC

BrassPasser listening to OZ in Asheville, NC, & thanks to PacketTunes you're coming in loud and clear. It's an OZ world.

What does WWOZ mean to me

It is the best station in the country for variety of good music, and featuring the many great mucicians of New orleans and surrounding southern states. I keep wondering if WWOZ will try a deal with Sirius XM , because traditional jazz for one is not represented nearly enough on their stations. I am a drummer and practice frequently with OZ live in my ears!

Love you WWOZ

Although I have only been to New Orleans a few times - I love it there and NO is always in my heart. WWOZ is THE BEST station. They play everything and everything that is everything. When I work at night on my computer it is the best. I rather listen to WWOZ than watch TV.
megan, cardiff, ca

OZ is THE voice in the wilderness

Life is tough. No matter who you are or where you are from or where you are off to, we all gotta walk that desert path, alone often, talkin' to yourself and givin' your own self some back- talk sass. Then you find WWOZ. The path you walk is the same tough path, but dude, what a soundtrack! 'OZ is the armor, the backbone that allows mere mortals to make it from one day to the next, intact and knowing, beyond all else, that we are Ozileans, that we are loved, that we are New Orleanians wherever we are (and wherever we are from).

What WWOZ means to me

As a New Orleans ex-pat and displaced Who Dat OZ keeps the spirit on N.O. alive in me. Plus, whether streaming on my home computer or plugged in on my i-phone, it keeps me current with the latest happenings and psyched for my next visit.

Keep up the good work.

Who Dat!

Chris from Chatlottesville, VA

WWOZ is a National Treasure!

WWOZ broadcasts some of the best music on the planet for sure. But also there is a by-product I enjoy especially. I enjoy learning about the artist’s background and the origin of the music and the interesting history of New Orleans. Your show hosts are highly educated about their musical genre. I feel like I’m getting a PhD in traditional New Orleans jazz history.

It’s mind blowing to learn that the show hosts are unpaid volunteers. They are volunteering an incredible amount of their time to preserve this important part of our American musical heritage.

WWOZ is truly a national treasure and deserves support.

Gordon Lee, a grateful OZillion from
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why WWOZ Matters to me

The fact that ANY musician can walk into that station and get their music played is to much for words.In addition to that they treat you like you're somebody.There is NO where else this happens(Not In New Orleans the Music Capital of the World).WWOZ and Louisiana Music Factory gives hope to many of us local musicians.My only regret is that don’t have more to offer.Fact is whether I'm involved in the music or not I'll be like some others I know and donate SOMETHING every year.I'd like to feel they can count on the musicians as we've counted on them.This station IS New Orleans Music and they MUST live on.......

Ceasar Elloie

And so....!

Darling 504

I've been so INCREDIBLY homesick for New Orleans, until I even have the "Official Louisiana Tour Guide" mailed to my home in The Bronx; I read the tour guide on the crowded subway as though it were a novel. I find myself continuously amazed at the amazingly colorful history of my home state, the likes of which were NEVER taught in high school nor civics classes!

And so... in addition to my self-induced, continued interest and love for New Orleans, I make it my business to listen to 'OZ every work day here at my desk. There are just SO many of the really old songs, many of which I've only heard here on 'OZ, for the very first time. My favorite on is "Don't You Feel My Leg" by Blue Lou!! They keep me smiling and laughing and just over all in a good mood, even when it snows like crazy up here, which it is always inclined to doing!!

I particularly love the comfort-sound of Tom Morgan's smooth, laid-back voice as well as his show. I've found out just SO much musical and geographic history from 'OZ... much more than I ever did in school!

Stay Live, Yawl!!

Because there's no other station like OZ in the world

I came from Austria to New Orleans for an exchange-semester at New Year's day. Got housing, got a radio, tuned in at 90.7 and fell in love with your station within a few seconds.

When I do a phone-call to my friends in Austria I can hear OZ radio in the background now and that's why I love your station!

NO Place Like Home!

Darling 504

Having resided in The Bronx now for the past 31 years, working in Queens County New York, causes me to miss home more than ever before! That's why ALL 5 days every week at work, I make it my business to tune into 'OZ, online - the reason should be more than obvious to anyone who shares my passion for the station, its contents, not to mention the very colorful hosts/hostesses; Bob French, due to his A.M. show, being amongst THE most flamboyant, Bless his Heart!

SO.. since I'm stuck "doin' time" in the Big Apple until such time as I retire and move back home, 'OZ is my constant reminder & radio companion to stay on track with my desire & to keep my finger on the pulse of My Beloved New Orleans!

I've even gotten my NY co-worker all too familiar with 'OZ & MR. "Tuxedo Band" French!


A connection to where it all began

I just moved from California to Kansas City. Played tenor & clarinet in a big band in So Cal. I don't get to NOLA as often anymore, now that I'm semi-retired, so WWOZ is my direct link to where jazz all began. It's great to hear mainstream jazz and blues on my little Internet radio. I'm so glad you people are there providing the great music. Thanks!

Once was lost but now I'm found

I was a trombone player who hated trombone. I joined the Marines to escape music, but ended up getting stationed in New Orleans with the Marine Band there. My life was changed in an instant.

I guess my story is like a lot of people. I came to New Orleans and just had no idea that it would change my life forever. The music is ALIVE here. In most places in the world, music is background noise to ignore while you go about your life. In New Orleans, music IS your life.

I am up in New York finishing a degree in music and get down to NOLA to play as much as I can. I also travel with my own New Orleans-style group and keep NOLA in my heart always. No matter where I go in the country, one reality always confronts me: nobody is a champion of local music like WWOZ.

Nowhere else is there a public supported music station that is completely music by the people and for the people. WWOZ is at the heart of New Orleans, and is so ingrained in the culture and music that to not support WWOZ is the same as not supporting NOLA and all her beautiful creatures.

Longevity to the greatest radio station to have ever graced the airwaves!

Oh, and check out my band: and let me know what you think!



Just loving the music ...

Well, I've been a lifelong fan of jazz, blues, and anything with a groove and a tune since I was 13 and discovered my dad's old vinyl - Lester Young, Pops, and others.

The bug bit me pretty bad, but being from the back woods of Wales, it wasn't so easy. I bought a few discs, listened to what I could on the radio. My sister went to the US, met a guy that was into Bechet - the dude kindly sent me about 6 cassettes. I guess fans of good music wanted to take care of each other, even back then - 1978, or so.

These days it is much easier, with the net and so on. But it's still too damn hard to find a radio station where DJs play what they *want* to play, where you have that feeling of personal contact with someone that feels the music deeply, and knows inside that it *matters*. And that's a great way to enjoy it.

So, it's WWOZ these days. Even here in Belgium I can get you guys all over my house, at work ... old favourites, new gems, and the feeling of getting connected to the city where the miracle of jazz started, and where there still seems to be a vibrant scene, of musicians digging each other, playing for the love of the music.

Thanks WWOZ! We're out here, and listening! You gonna make me buy a plane ticket soon!

Daniel McBrearty
musician and singer-songwriter

Thank you.

I live in Laguna Beach CA and my Dad turned me on to WWOZ. And I never looked back.

On the computer at work, on my iPhone...which means I can listen to WWOZ in the car! Are you kidding? I love it.

Thank you for taking the time to share the beautiful culture of New Orleans with us. And thank you for taking such good care of the music and making our days that much better.

Solicitor General.

Cultural ambassadors

Having listened for a little while now the following thoughts occurred …

WWOZ and it’s members are cultural ambassadors, not only for New Orleans and Louisiana but also, for the United States of America in a global village which has a window into the heart of the nation of what is achievable through the better angles of our nature. The music and values that this station broadcasts reminds me of all that is good in the USA in a world where the country’s image has been compromised by single foreign policy issues. WWOZ is a national cultural standard bearer for artistic endeavor and the values of a nation informed by those better angles.

Great sounds great station.

WWOZ is a note of perfection in a world drowning in cacophony of disposable plastic pop.

I think you misrepresent yourselves, not “The best jazz radio station in America” but “The best jazz radio in the known universe”.

Love and appreciation listening online from London England.

Keep on keeping on.

Missing New Orleans

WWOZ is comforting when I am homesick. The variety is amazing and having the opportunity to hear local superb talent is a treat for me. Keep up the good work!

Having moved out of New

Having moved out of New Orleans, I'm acutely aware of the absolute need in my life for the kind of street-level culture that New Orleans provides and WWOZ broadcasts-- the music that flows from clubs where you can get your drink and hang out on the sidewalk-- the improvisation, the original music, the standards-- with ne'er a cover band in sight-- and having traveled in Europe lately and finding no radio station that played jazz like OZ's-- nor a vital local music scene on any radio station-- I saw WWOZ's value in my life (for the millionth time.) I'm especially grateful for the djs who bring the avant jazz to the studio-- a brand of music that has bravely survived in New O over the last twenty years, but not without struggle. I'd love to hear more of the local improvisors and avant garde composers-- Dan Ostricher and Jonathan Freilich-- Rajah Cornish and Jeff Albert, James Singleton and Helen Gillet-- I'd love to hear more of them on OZ. I love to hear where our music came from and where it's going.

WWOZ is the best radio in

WWOZ is the best radio in the universe. I listen all the time. I used to live on Decatur street, not far from the station.(what a great neighborhood) Living up in Pittsburgh and really missing New Orleans, WWOZ helps keep me connected with New Orleans music,art and community.
I'll be back to live someday soon!
Marty Myers aka "lowerdecatur st

WWOZ kept the music alive

I'm a fan forever. WWOZ kept the music alive during and after Katrina and ever since.


Listening to OZ online from out of town, and not pledging, is kind of like going to a community picnic, gorging yourself, and ignoring the hat when it is passed around. (if you have it)

WWOZ all through the house

We finally signed up to get DSL at home just so we could set things up to stream OZ all day long. Then it wasn't enough to have OZ in the living room and in the kitchen/dining room... we had to buy more equipment so we could have it in the baby's room, too (those late night feedings are less painful now).

And even with the monetary investment that all that streaming entails, we still pledge. We moved away from New Orleans just before Katrina; if we'd stayed we'd have lost everything, as so many people did. Helping support OZ is one way we can help build, rebuild and renew New Orleans. So we send our pledge with love, from exile in Terre Haute, Indiana...

Merci beaucoup

First of all, thanks so much for the music - including some of the best folk, French/Louisiana and Latin music programs I've heard anywhere! A couple of months ago I was in an auto accident. When I was able to retrieve my personal items from the damaged car, I particularly hoped to get my 'OZ bumper sticker from the rear window. Turned out there WAS no
rear window. Fortunately I came through the accident better than the car did, and I'm driving another car now. But it's missing a proud proclamation that I am a WWOZ member. Thanks for agreeing to send me a new window cling!

Los Angeles


I moved to Gonzales in 1996. I lived in New Orleans from '71 until I moved. I miss many things about the city, and though I'm only an hour away, I don't get to go back as much I'd like. This is one way to stay connected with N.O.


I love your station and your city! It's refreshing in this day of canned format radio stations to have WWOZ. I love gospel, blues, jazz and enjoy Saturday's Latin show. I listen everyday at work and great music certainly helps a stressful day!

I'm in Ottawa, Canada and we have nothing like WWOZ up here.

Thanks for much for keeping the music alive for all of us to enjoy.

special to my heart

you play the music special to my heart.
where else do i hear nina simone, lucinda williams and esther phillips back to back?


As a native New Orleanian now living in Portland,OR and a listener of WWOZ since 1980, WWOZ online keeps me daily connected to New Orleans music and culture ... and keeps me grounded and feeling like I'm still part of the city.

Wayne Gsell, "Tchoupitoulas Northwest"

Why WWOZ Matters

WWOZ matters because New Orleans matters. WWOZ is the embodiment of the culture, diversity and way of life that make New Orleans unique among the world's major cities. New Orleans wouldn't be the same with WWOZ.

What WWOZ means to me

WWOZ is one of my two favorite radio stations in the country (WGBO Newark, NJ is the other). We live about 3 hours from NO (in a cultural void) and try to make it over 4 or 5 times a year. Having WWOZ on demand gives me a sence of being in NO at the touch of a button. What a great city and what a great venue WWOZ is. Thanks for being on the web.


Darling 504

DO you mean WBGO, Newark......?! I too listen to BGO mornings from The Bronx, before I get to work and turn on 'OZ!!

It's pretty cool too... they're in their pledge drive as well!

BTW, where is this "culture void" of which you speak where you all live that's about 3 hours from N.O.?



WWOZ Staff and Crew,

You need to read this:

Simply put, I love your radio station.

Every day I stream your music into my sunny Southern
California dental office. I'm not from Louisiana, I'm not even from the East Coast, but ever since my first trip to your city I have become enamored with the culture, food and music of New Orleans. I contribute what I can financially, but sometimes a hug is better than a dollar. So from me to you...everyone there....a big hug...because I love your music, love your station and every way you present those notes, that history from your studio to my ears.

Thank You.


Wonderfull ...

I love wwoz and special thanks for the good music on the New Orleans show, and one more thing, the music calender is great, you always know whats going on in town.

new member

Play at blues jams here locally in Westchester County, NY. Saw Tab Benoit at FTC Stage One in CT a few weeks ago. Music on WWOZ is great and makes my desk a better place. A connection to music I love. Thanks!!

Old-time and Cajun Music - Unique Treasures from WWOZ

I often travel across this great country, and have yet to come across a station that plays Old-time and Cajun music with the quality programming that is found every Sunday on WWOZ! I am so glad I can hear it on the Internet, now that I have moved to NC, and want to thank you all at WWOZ who make this happen. Special thanks to Hazel the Delta Rambler, who helps keep our American traditional music alive!

I live in Barbados and

I live in Barbados and listen to WWOZ on the Internet. Love the music especially the BLUES. Hope to visit sometime

A National Treasure

Living in NC, OZ has been my lifeline for over 20 years, first on taped shows from my visits and then from the net. There is sadness in all the folks we've lost over those years. But OZ has preserved it all: the discs/tapes/cds/downloads, the interviews from the Fest, the live broadcasts, the radio shows (Thanks Billy Delle for the Snooks/KDoe clips), etc. The history of Crescent City music is richer thanks to all the Ozillian Krewe over the years. From Brown Sugar to Missy Bowen, Ready Teddy to Bob French, and Duke/BeBe to Gentily Jr., you guys have always, and continue to, ROCK! Long live New Orleans and WW(boom, boom) OZ!

Growing up on the Groove

I grew up in N.O. listening to Poppa-Stoppa, Jack the Cat, Larry Mc Kinley and Frank-Frank during the 1950's so my life is steeped in N.O. music. Today WWOZ inspires me to keep working on my novel about New Orleans, R&B, and all the changes that started in the 1950's; listening to my kind of music streaming over the web keeps me going. Thank you WWOZ-FM, M-L


The history of New Orleans can be heard in its music. WWOZ not only archives and preserves that history, it shares and gives away that history, that rhythm, and that heartbeat. As I listen to WWOZ at work (especially!), I'm constantly reminded of a city I love, but I'm also fed life force, heavy and juicy and beautiful. By supporting WWOZ and the work that you all do there, I'm saying thank you - so much, for reminding me that there's life out there...and there's life in here. :>

Blessed be!

Kelly Hyson
Grantham, NH

Great Sounds from WWOZ !

I can't believe the high quality sound streaming over the internet from WWOZ. Of course, I have a spectacular set of speakers reproducing this sound ... but it goes without saying that "great speakers can't make a bad transmission into a great sound."

Listeners from around the world can certainly appreciate the great music coming from WWOZ. It's amazing!

Gordon Lee

WWOZ... the soundtrack to my life.

If I couldn't enjoy that first cup of coffee of the day with Mr. French's deep and bubbly voice in the morning, all bets are off. 'Keep looking up, that's where it all is.", indeed Mr. French! At every hour of every day, WWOZ is a sure bet to put your head where your feet are at... and then move and groove them! Cheers to the OZ family for carrying on the groove!

Big OZ love,

Nola's Soul (visit my eBay store)

The beat goes on . . .

The recent passing of Snooks Eaglin and Miss Antoinette K Doe made me keenly aware of how important it is to keep the music and art tradition of New Orleans going. I think about this when I tune into WWOZ: tradition continuing on via the playlists, in-studio music sets and the knowledge and enthusiasm of the volunteer DJ's.

Keep it goin! Through radio stations like this, musicians may be gone but their influence is never lost. On the contrary, they continue laying it down for the next generation of musicians and music appreciators like myself, managing to both educate and inspire both parties.

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