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A big thank you to WWOZ’s Krewe of Roux members! By donating monthly, year round, you keep the station going during the slow summer months and limit the number of times we need to make on air appeals. Find out more about the Krewe of Roux at wwoz.org or by calling (504) 568-1239 during business hours.


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  • optional yearly renewal
  • your choice of thank you gifts
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Live Music Membership
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All 'OZ members get special discounts & deals at local businesses!
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Why Join WWOZ?

WWOZ Members Matter!
  • WWOZ streams & broadcasts community radio to the universe all day, every day.
  • WWOZ has been non-profit, listener-supported and volunteer-programmed for 30 years.
  • WWOZ preserves and promotes New Orleans' unique musical and cultural heritage.
  • WWOZ produces programs such as New Orleans All The Way Live designed to celebrate, explore and record Crescent City culture.
  • WWOZ's Takin' It To The Streets provides information about second lines (including routes sheets), Mardi Gras Indian events, and more.
  • WWOZ broadcasts live music from festivals & events year round.
Past Membership Drives-
Fall 2013  |  Spring 2013  |  Fall 2012 |  Spring 2012 |  Fall 2011 |  Spring 2011 |  Fall 2010 |  Spring 2010 |  Fall 2009 |  Spring 2009 |  Winter 2008 |  Fall 2008

Spring 2015 Membership Drive happened March 3-13.

The Spring 2015 Membership Drive, AKA Pledge Party, included tons of music and fun here at the station. We want to thank the many volunteers, musicians, and food donors for their love and support for WWOZ. This station really does rely on every one of you to continue sharing this fantastically unique programming that you won't find anywhere else. So thank you from the bottom of our syncopated hearts!