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Get Your WWOZ License Plate

Declare your love for WWOZ!

Louisiana residents have an exciting opportunity to trick out their cars and support ‘OZ with the WWOZ Guardian of the Groove Louisiana prestige license plate.

Plates are available online at the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles'

The Guardian of the Groove plate is a two year plate. The fee to obtain the plate will be $50.00 plus regular registration fees. $20 from each plate goes directly to ‘OZ to support programs and operations to continue bringing the music and culture of New Orleans to the universe.

State Representative Jared Brosset introduced the House Bill 1268 in August 2010 to secure the prestige plate for ‘OZ, with help from Senator Ed Murray and Representative Juan LaFonta. Our huge thanks to all three of them for making the license plate a reality.

“Other states trumpet causes like ‘Support this–or-that’ on their plates. Louisiana is standing proud and tall by issuing a “Guardian of the Groove” plate. I’m most sure ‘OZ is the only public radio station in the universe that has its own official license plate!” said David Freedman, WWOZ General Manager. “Now if you’ll just put one on your car (and start taking more long-distance drive-arounds) you’ll be amazed at how many additional conversations you’ll have with interesting conversationalists. When you do, send your experiences to and we’ll post your stories!”

» Get your 'OZ plates now! 


Wish it was a purple or blue

Wish it was a purple or blue plate.

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