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2013 Spring Membership Drive Highlights & Thanks - Day 8

WWOZ would like to thank all of our new & renewing members, show hosts, musicians, volunteers, staff, engineers and food donors for what's shaping up as a highly successful Spring Membership Drive! You're all helping to guard the groove and helping us bring you the music and culture you love. Bravo, 'OZ Nation!

Check out our photo highlights of all the exciting performers and guests, hardworking staff and volunteers, and delicious food from each day of the drive!

Thank you for today's food donation:

Daily Highlights:

Day 8 — Tuesday, March 12

Musicians: Emily Estrella and Faux Barrio Billionaires, Gaynielle and Liryca Neville, Ratty Scurvics, Deacon John, and Derrick Freeman.

Show Hosts & Pitchers: Zach Young and Leslie Cooper; Danielle Small and AJ Roderigue; Marc Stone and Lisa Williford; T.R. Johnson and Eric Ward; Jivin' Gene and Neil Pellegrin

Phone Bank Volunteers: Steve Walden, Arlene Hines, Monique Hamilton, Clarissa Koederitz, Mary Ann Bischoff, Gerald Christoff, Susan del Guidice, Duane Williams, Tanya Younger, Clay Colton, Andrew Monson, and Beth Robinson.

Thanks for the food and beverage provided throughout the drive by: Bayou Brew, La Divina Gelateria, Brown's Dairy, George's Produce, Baby's Coffee, Kentwood Spring Water, and Coca Cola Bottling Company


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