Olivia Greene

WWOZ Show Host Olivia Greene
WWOZ Show Host Olivia Greene

Music Genre(s): New Orleans, Traditional Jazz

About Olivia Greene

When she was a little girl, Olivia spent most nights nestled deep under the covers, holding her radio up close to her ear so the parents wouldn't realize that she listened to it all night long. The radio was her best friend, and music filled her dreams.

Now that she's all grown up (or so they say) Olivia Greene has a whole lot of fun researching, creating and programming her radio shows on WWOZ. As a sub who swings through just about all the genres on this most diverse of radio stations, she is continually discovering and adding to her repertoire of musical resources. Whether programming R&B, traditional or contemporary jazz, earthy blues or raucous brass bands, she makes it her mission to impart joy into the lives of WWOZ listeners.

It's obvious that Olivia truly loves radio as a medium. To borrow a favorite quote from Eric Traub, when on the air she is "Kid Audiophonic with her Magic Box of Sounds."

Olivia's's Top Ten List for 2007