Maryse Déjean

Maryse giving the introduction to the 2010 Tom Dent Congo Square Symposium.

Music Genre(s): Blues, Brazilian, Contemporary Jazz, Latin, New Orleans, Reggae/Caribbean, World

About Maryse Déjean

Maryse Déjean is the volunteer coordinator for WWOZ and current host of Wednesday afternoons' "Jazz from the French Market" from 4-7PM. A native of Haiti, Maryse moved to New Orleans in the early 1980s and began volunteering at WWOZ in 1991. She has enriched and preserved the musical heritage of the city ever since as a WWOZ volunteer, staff member, and as host of several programs, including Sunday nights' "What's New," "The Kitchen Sink" of new releases.

Maryse credits veteran WWOZ DJs Gabou Mendy and Gene Scaramuzzo and their Caribbean African Journey program as a fountainhead for her favorite musical discoveries, and she was honored to host the program herself in 1992 when Gabou and Gene were away during the summer. She eventually became a regular host of the "Caribbean African Journey."

Maryse is a fan of the New Orleans’ iconic eatery Verti Marte, where the Green Giant on french bread continues to captivate her taste buds.