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Post WWII was the golden age of Americana roots music.  An era when music peeked over the segregations walls between demographics.  When "race records" dissolved into popular music.     
From midnight Saturday until 3am Sunday, I play the music that crossed these lines.  Not the tired "hits" but the pioneers exploring new musical territory.  The country musician who integrates blues and jazz progressions into boogie woogie career.  The blues musician who adds rockabilly riffs and stumbles into rock and roll popularity.  And the sweet spot, music that doesn't fit into a category.  You know, like music from New Orleans.        
Between the songs, sound clips from the trash cana of Americana.  Sometimes they highlight the next song.   Sometimes they serialize a story.  They're always as absurd as popular culture.  
To stream my "best of" radio shows archive, go to         http://www.prx.org/series/31889-new-orleans-saturday-night-on-wwoz


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