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Artist Title Album Play Time
Tommy Burk & the Counts Stormy Weather 2015-05-24 2:50am
The Yellow Jackets Love Me Mary Ann Bayou Rockabilly Cats 2015-05-24 2:50am
The Tune Rockers Green Mosquito 2015-05-24 2:50am
Johnny Otis Willie did the Cha Cha The Greatest Johnny Otis Show 1957-59 2015-05-24 2:50am
Chanters Hot Mama Rhumba Doo-Wop 1955-56 2015-05-24 2:50am
the Vol-Aires Man from Utopia Rhumba Doo-Wop 1955-56 2015-05-24 2:50am
Larry Williams Bad Boy Larry Williams - At His Finest Specialty Rock 'n' Roll Years 2015-05-24 2:50am
Chick & his Hot Rods Just Doing Rock and Roll 2015-05-24 2:50am
The Enchanters Cafe Bohemian 2015-05-24 2:49am
The Ventures Lonely Surfer Wild Again-The Ventures Play Heavy Hitters 2015-05-24 2:49am
Shirley and Lee Rock All Night The Sweethearts of the Blues 2015-05-24 2:49am
The Monitors Rock & Roll Fever 2015-05-24 2:49am
Fats Domino Rockin' Bicycle 2015-05-24 2:49am
George Jones & Gene Pitney I've Got Five Dollars and it's Saturday Night 2015-05-24 2:49am
James Brown Funky Drummer 2015-05-23 10:00pm
Quincy Jones Tryin' to Find Out About You Mellow Madness 2015-05-23 9:57pm
Sins of Satan Steppin' Future Star 2015-05-23 9:49pm
Silk Get On Up Midnight Dancer 2015-05-23 9:43pm
The Brief Encounter Get a Good Feeling 2015-05-23 9:39pm
Vivian Reed Don't Start Something You Can't Finish Another Side 2015-05-23 9:33pm