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Artist Title Album Play Time
Flakes Sugar Frosted Lover Flakes 2013-06-01 9:51pm
Justo Almario Sho' You Right Interlude 2013-06-01 9:38pm
Dennis Lee and the Notables Funky Penguin 45 single 2013-06-01 9:35pm
Sun Hot Spot Sun Over the Universe 2013-06-01 9:30pm
Ronald Mesquita Balanca Pema Bresil 72 2013-06-01 9:27pm
Ronnie Laws Fever Fever 2013-06-01 9:23pm
Myra Barnes (Vicki Anderson) Super Good James Brown's Funky People Pt. 2 2013-06-01 9:18pm
WAR Five Spot The Music Band Jazz 2013-06-01 9:06pm
Bobbi Humphrey Ladies Day Satin Doll 2013-06-01 8:55pm
Wood, Brass & Steel My Lady Wood, Brass & Steel 2013-06-01 8:52pm
Expression Release Pt. 1 12 inch single 2013-06-01 8:48pm
Leroy Hutson Flying High Hutson II 2013-06-01 8:42pm
Ingram That's All That's All 2013-06-01 8:39pm
Willie Bobo Grazing in the Grass A New Dimension 2013-06-01 8:34pm
Houston Person I No Get Eye for Back Harmony 2013-06-01 8:23pm
Manu Dibango Moni Makossa Man 2013-06-01 8:19pm
Miami Nobody But You Babe The Party Freaks 2013-06-01 8:14pm
Preston Love Chili Mac Preston Love's Omaha Bar-B-Q 2013-06-01 8:10pm
Mass Production Bopp Turn Up the Music 2013-06-01 8:06pm
Ike & Tina Turner Bold Soul Sister 2013-06-01 8:06pm